Thursday, January 14, 2010

Alright. Coakley and the Violence

You know if some Republican Politician's security person knocked a reporter to the ground, ripping his suit pants to boot, you liberals would be squealing like little girls (no offense to little girls) pounding on your keyboards until your little fingers started to bleed.

But one of your own does it and you all clam up like the extreme hypocritical 'have zero values that you otherwise pretend to have' little tools.

The reporter was only asking a question, and not in a threatening way.
- Where's the outrage for the violence ? You obviously don't care about that even though you pretend you do when it involves the other side.

You're transparent little babies. Honestly, it just isn't any more complicated than that.

Your president is screwing up. And he can't verbalize in complete sentences without a couple teleprompters.
Your Speaker is screwing up and is a mindless dolt.
100 White House satffers don't file taxes. Don't even file.
The majority of your Senators screw up.
100% of your house members are mindless dolts.
And there's not a peep that come from you.
Are you that forgiving to have your party in power or are you all just morons.

Personally, I like how GW Bush recognized we are in a war with Fundamentalist Islam. Is there any other kind?
I also like how he respects the military and the families of the military, and how he met with a large number of families who lost a child in the war. Will your president meet with your neighbors family if an when they lose their child? Hey it's a given you don't have any friends in the fight.
I don't like how he and/or his administration created the bloated and incredibly useless TSA. And I said it then. I always thought the medicare drug plan was an abortion. And I said it then. I didn't care for the fact that he had a red team congress for 6 years and got jack squat done. And I said it then.
A did pretty much all of the conservatives I know.

By comparison, you all seem to be mindless dolts, accepting of whatever your masters come up with for you from day to day. Or hey, convince me otherwise.

I don't hate your naiveity for I was once.
I don't hate your lack of knowledge for I was once.
Ditto most other things
I do hate your hypocrisy. I hate it because it not only screws me it screws you.
Grow some freakin brain cells.


  1. Hypocrisy like that will stick with a candidate forever. We'll see if she survives this.

  2. Brain cells and testicles...most of the blue representatives lack both.

  3. and the only thing he can complete even with a teleprompter are cliches. and i was once a liberal in college when i was indoctrinated. thankfully i grew up and started thinking for myself.

  4. I can't even stand to contemplate how horrid obummer is! He makes me want to puke.

  5. Pasadena. I sure hope she doesn't. And not because of 'her'. She's just another Dem tool. Hrdly worth typing for.
    But for the idea that the people of Mass have so little to none powers of observation.

  6. Arby, How right you are. I thought I might have been a little rough there so I left some stuff out. :)

  7. labcat. Yes at some point oin our lives we actually think everyone is interested in world peace, kindness to animals and 'the environment'. At some point later we realize we were in an incredibly small minority and everyone selling that stuff were snake oil salesmen.

    Talk about snake oil. Seems 99% of advertising is snake oil these days.

  8. Bunni, if you're going to puke, wait until you're about to shake his hand !

    PS - Same stuff different day. Gonna take time.

  9. Haven't you guys ever seen a 40's gangster film. Democrat politics are Chicago gangland politics.

  10. Nickie, actually I think Chicago is pretty tame compared to DC....
    As the money increases.

  11. This is really a great rant. I hope all the libs see it. I will retweet, in the hopes that will help get the message out.

  12. Thank you Opus. Honestly, from the moment I became aware, like 5 years old maybe, the thing I hated the most was misinformation. I still do.

    At the risk of conceit, I honestly believe I hated it because I saw it as the main enemy of the progression of society. - which would otherwise enhance all things on this rock and make life a truly wonderful thing for most people.

    That which liberals claim to champion, but in practice obstruct.

  13. Nice rant, Kid. See what happens when the inmates take over?

  14. You know that Coakley herself is currently an officer of the Massachusetts Commonwealth court, witnessed an assault in person(caught on tape), and did nothing?

    Were she a Republican, proceedings on disbarring her would have already been processed.


  15. Snarky. Yea, the inmates and the inmates kids.

  16. Fredd, there is no doubt in my mind that would be the case.

    Along with the usual Neocon, warmongering, violent domestic terrorist charges...

  17. You go, Kid! I feel the same way. And I laugh my ass at off when libbies keep blaming and bashing President Bush. Everything they hate that he did, was fine by me. The things that I didn't like that he did (those you mentioned plus the amnesty for illegals nightmare) were LIBERAL and wrong-headed (well, that's redundant, I guess). The continued Bush bashing is doing them no favors, his numbers (and even Dick Cheney's!) are going UP, their guy's numbers are plummeting. Oops.

  18. Fuzzy, yes you did repeat yourself.
    Not really surprising is it.

    The state run media got the libbies all geeked up over Bush, then they convinced them a vote for obama was a vote against bush in 2008 when he wasn't running and it continues today.

    Everything the dems want they simply program the lefties to think a choice in the other direction is a vote for Bush.

    "You Will Accept Global Warming or You're a Gol Dang BUSH Lover" hahaa.

    Well, I think people can only be duped for so long. The choices they make with such a mindset often go against them and eventually they figure they might have been duped.

    Some are hopeless but that's the minority.

    We were out with some liberal friends and the parents of one of them, who I'm sure was briefed that we were right wing nutjobs, and after a half hour or so and me not biting on political comments, (I don't pick fights with someone's parents while out to dinner !), the man leaned back in his chair and said "Well, Um a Dem a Crat". I just smiled and said I don't admit to being anything. I'm only for what works and against what doesn't.

  19. You, Sir, represent all that is good about conservative men. You have manners, tact, wit, and wisdom. I love this dinner story. Libbies are just rude and nasty, and they don't know how to act when we are amused by their antics or simply don't engage. Keep being honorable, Kid. It suits you. :)

  20. Thanks Fuzzy. I say the same about you. except the 'men' part of course.