Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Obama to Freeze the Salaries of Top White House Officials

Spend a trillion and then freeze the salaries of highly overpaid already White House Officials.

My God man, make it stop ! Ahahaaa... I don't know whether to laugh until my sides split or go out an smack an Oblama supporter. How stupid are people that Obama actually puts stuff like this out thinking that even one person would think it was as righteous as a turd in a tornado.


  1. From the article:

    "The step would be largely symbolic as the savings will be minimal."

    Isn't it fascinating that everything about this guy is largely symbolic, by the desired results are always minimal?

    Congrats to Reuters for finally seeing the light...

  2. Soloman, Yes, but I don't think loserals actually like to read. The see the headline and make their conclusions.

    Then today, some friends told me, that the Dem run media was spinning air america as going out of business because Libs would rather Read. Course, the next step in this little two step is asking why the newspapers are all going out of business then too !

    Too much. So pathetic.. ahahah

    I don't mind their stupidity because their hypocrisy is 100 times thicker.