Thursday, January 14, 2010

OK, Here''s a Joke

Man gets into an elevator and an attractive young lady looks at him, smiles, and says "T.G.I.F".

Man warmly smiles back and spells "S.H.I.T"

Woman is momentarily taken aback, but smiles even harder and spells "T.G.I.F".

Man warmly smiles back and spells "S.H.I.T"

Woman Smiles and says "Thank God It's Friday...."

Man Smiles and says "Sorry Honey It's Thursday".

The elevator door opens and they go their separate ways.


  1. Oh ... I think she would have been good for at least a little fun in the elevator. BTW, what's your twitter handle? I'm, as if you had to guess, snarkybasterd.

  2. Snarky. My apologies Monsieur. I do not yet have a twitter account.

    I don't have time yet.

    Also, my cell phone was manufactured by the Barney Rubble company.