Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just Say No to California

The weak feeding on the strong. That's the socialism we all know and love.

And don't ya just love how it's always essential services which must be cut. I'm beginning to wonder if England was this bad when the pilgrims broke free.


  1. Watch California closely. It's the nation's preview of things to come.

  2. We could save so much by firing the liberal legislature. Oh, I wish.

  3. If they're going to do that, we might as well move there, for the weather, at least.

  4. California seems to be the socialist experiment for everything. And, its failing.

  5. It's failing all around me. And all the Libs in this state are scared to death to use anything but political-correct-speak instead of facing the realities that are looming.

  6. Nickie, I agree, it's the Dodo in the coal mine.

    Opus, Get right on that would you ?

    Bunni, Well, it's going to get nasty before it gets better - if it does.

    Teresa, Yes, As has every other socialist attempt since the beginning of time !

    Pasadena - They spend more as they enact policies to expel the revenue (tax) generating businesses out of California. Toyota, for example which is moving to San Antonio...

    It's too destructive to just be insanity. Isn't it? Maybe it's stupidity..

  7. Like every socialist experiment, sooner or later we all run out of everybody else's money. At that point, we start to see the excrement hit the fan. First, Moody downgrades the state's municipal bond ratings, and things go south from there.

    This has been going on in CA for a while now, time for the fat to run out so they can start eating into the muscle. Arnie can surely appreciate that analogy.

  8. It's fitting that the rest of the country should follow the lead of a state that is so "progressive" it's regressing to backwardness not seen ... since the 1930s.

  9. Fredd, exactly. PS - I read stories everyday about the unspeakable waste going on in California and it's just beyond words how anyone expects to maintain those spending habits in this economic environment, or any other for that matter.

  10. Snarky. Deliciously absurd ain't it.

  11. Kid: yes, unspeakable abuse is considered the way business is done in CA.

    I know of a paramedic/firefighter representative of their union in Santa Monica, CA who flat out told me of the outrageous demands, year in and year out, of less hours, more pension money, protection of jobs, yadda yadda yadda that they forced down the council's throat.

    I told him that was simply unsustainable, and he laughed in my face, and said "well, not in my lifetime."

    This guy is 54 years old. I suspect he is counting on a pension from the Santa Monica fire department that simply will not be there in, oh, 5 years?

    He will be 59 and won't have saved a nickel, counting on the city to live up to its commitments that simply cannot be lived up to.

    I wonder if he is laughing now.

  12. Fredd. I received an email from a friend who lives in California talking about the state workers pension armageddon.

    I haven't had time to really look into it, but I have a lot of confidence in what he passes along.

    He indicates that state workers retire at 55 with nearly full pay at 55.
    That is unsustainable. And you have to add that retirement was never meant to be a 30 year vacation (given life exp of 85) !
    Retirement, ala social security was only meant to keep older folks off the streets and eating after they could reasonably be expected to continue working.

    I have NO problem with the idea of retiring at 55, but not state workers on my dime.

    And state union worker pension issues are going to plague a great many states. And taxpayers. We won't stand for it. I won't.

  13. We're with you, Kid. Nobody is going to stand for this idiocy in the long run, nobody.

    And the long run is about here. And to think these California public unions can threaten to strike their way into luxurious pensions, retirement with 90% pay in their condos along the Mexican Riviera at age 55 is just crazy.

    This California slug I mentioned makes over $100K annually as a Santa Monica fire fighter/paramedic, will retire with $90K a year FOREVER??? If he lives to 85, that's $2,700,000.00 to JUST ONE GUY!! For not picking up a hose for 30 years!! And every damned fireman there is expecting the same cushy deal.

    Talk about a Ponzi scheme, eventually the house of cards collapses.

  14. Fredd. Unbelievable may soon be an obsolete word.

    You got it. Ponzi scheme.

  15. Fredd. Now they're talking about exempting the Unions from the Cadillac Insurance TAX.


    Are they Trying to start a civil war ?