Monday, January 18, 2010

The Democrats Have Played the Race Card?

They've Played Every Card !

The theme here is that if you pre-accuse your opponent of what you are going to do, and in many cases can't avoid doing, your infantile naive supporters will simply brush off any claim against 'you' as "Oh you're just accusing us of what you were doing/found to be/etc". I call it the Democrat Reverse Pre-Accusation Strategy.

Let's just hit the big ones.

The most obvious one is GW Bush is Stupid.

- This was thought out well in advance and would have come to pass regardless of GWB's pronunciation gaffe's.
It's clear to anyone who isn't in a trance that Obama can't speak in complete sentences without a teleprompter. Even if he could they (his Handlers) wouldn't let him because every time he does - ala Joe the Plumber - he screws up and shows his true fascism, racism, ignorance and arrogance. And when was the last time you heard a peep from the ignorant Michelle?

Obama is a stupid Dumbass. GW Bush is a man who ad-libbed because he felt he had a responsibility to communicate to America without delay at times and damn the speech writers. I'll take honesty and spontaneity over fake bullshit, written by 27 year old wet behind the ears dumbasses , any day.

GW Bush is Hitler

- What sort of leader instructs the citizen to not listen to certain voices ? It was and is Obama who tells you to not listen to Rush, Hannity, and all the rest. It was GW Bush who, after being beaten with the fugley stick every day for at least 6 years by the communist media, said "This is the beauty of America, that anyone can express their opinion. Who is more like Hitler. Who is the Fascist.

Obama is a Fascist.

GW Bush's Administration is the Most Corrupt of All Time.

- Obama's White house employs 100 people who don't even bother to file federal income taxes. You can cheat on your taxes and just get a good slap, but the one thing you cannot do as a citizen is fail to report income. They can send you to jail for that. Obama's high level cabinet is chock full of tax evaders

- Obama has appointed an unprecedented number of czars in mission/country critical positions. He's done this to avoid congressional vetting and approval. This after promising to have the most transparent administration.

- After promising to do away with earmarks, the Obama/Democrat congress passes the omnibus bill with 9,000 earmarks.

- After promising 8 different times to televise the health care reform discussion and bill on C-Span, and be bipartisan, nothing of the sort has occurred and in fact, none of the republican senators are allowed in the freakin room. Feel those checks and balances folks?

- After promising to bring Main Street closer to Wall Street, we know that the Fed has essentially printed up 30 TRILLION for wall street and the banks, devaluing the hell out of every dollar you have in your wallet or savings account. In addition, it is recently revealed that the Government Service Entities Fannie and Freddie were given mucho dinero of your tax dollars to dole out big, no Huge, bonuses to their execs and staff. At the same time, blabbering about getting the 'taxpayers' money back from the big banks that they showered with money for the last year! AND guess who is going to get to pay that tax ? If you're having trouble with this one, look in the mirror for the answer.

Feeling closer to Wall Street ? I know My achin ass is.

Obama and his administration are the most corrupt of all time in American history.

Well, I'm not interested in detailing every 180 that Obama has done versus his promises as well as statements made by the DNC over the last several years. Suffice it to say, Obama hasn't made good on a single promise. The Dems haven't made good on a single promise. Bipartisan, Civility, Transparency, yada yada, bullshit. It is all bullshit. There can't be That many stupid dumbass voters can there?

The best strategy they have is to associate anything they want to push using the anti-Bush meme.
It was/is a damn good strategy. I'll give them credit for that. It's still kinda working because they're still using it for everything from Why People Hate the Coakley Bitch to Earthquakes.


  1. But ask Libs for a specific, detailed example -- not generalizations -- and they come up empty. Who's the dumb-ass now?

  2. Yea they call in to Sean all the time telling him to tone it down; he says I'm not changing my show for you or anyone else.

  3. The corruptocrats in Washington are a bunch of lying, cheating bastards. They don't know how to keep a promise and they play the blame game instead of taking responsibility for either their actions or inactions. They are a bunch of immature little kids that need to be sent back to kindergarden since they obviously missed the most important class.

  4. Part of me is saddened that this country's first black president may well end up being a black stereotype.

    Shame on him. Shame on those who rode his slimy carcass into a money pit.

  5. Anyone who believes that President Bush’s (43) administration was the most corrupt in US history hasn’t studied US history. They forgot about President Grant’s administration. Of course, that is the problem, isn’t it? Most people who vote democratic and hated President Bush have no concept of history, or they wouldn’t support the left’s policies.

  6. Pasadena. Exactly. It's the hypocrisy I have the problem with.

  7. They Say, and I'm not changing my Blog !

  8. Nickie. That will be the history of this American experience that makes it into the long term history books.

    The other stuff will blow away like last years chimney smoke.

    And yes, it is very sad. Even sadder is the fact that this country will end up even more race conscious than it was in 2008.

    Of the few things I truly hate, one is moving backwards. Especially when nothing is being accomplished to justify 'the means'.

  9. Arby. I think the asshole will go down as number one. Topping Clinton and all the rest.

    Honestly, someone show me a crime committed by someone in the Bush administration.
    So, Libby lied about his conversation with Cheney regards Plame. Yeeeesh. Pathetic.

  10. They play the blame game,it's all they have.
    They lost big time tonight!
    Shot heard round the world, Woo Hoo.
    I posted Scott's victory speech.

  11. Hear, hear!

    And you know what? The more they blame Bush, the more I love and miss him. Wasn't it nice to have a leader who was a true American, one who defended freedom? *sigh* those were the days . . . .

  12. Bunni :). yes, the blame game is all any incompetent has. I'm still enjoying the Scott Brown victory.

  13. Fuzzy, Seems like eons ago now doesn't it.

    To actually have people in power who recognize and defend the greatness which is America at its core.

  14. I never liked Bush as much as I like him now. The blame game is sickening. Excellent post with excellent points.