Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Afghanistan. Pakistan.

And there are other states. But these two stand out, because over time someone has always wanted to tame the kitty there. England, Russia, Lately the United States.
And they are in the news everyday.

Forget it.

The only thing that makes them "Countries "is the fact that someone drew some squiggly lines on a map and printed the words Pakistan and Afghanistan inside the lines.

They are no more "countries" than obama is qualified to manage a McDonalds.

The religion of peace people kill each other all the time because of the slightest variation in their Islamic translations....

They are a collection of people not dissimilar to the American Indian tribes that warred with each other long before people who thought belts belonged on their hats instead of their waist showed up. America was not a country, it was a collection of tribes, until those anal retentive English showed up, obsessed with drawing lines all over the friggin place, having the local, super local, and super duper government entities that plague us today. (Well, there are some benefits as well, such as National Defense, and ...... guess that's about it.)

Anyway, this is why no one has been, or ever will be, successful at 'taming' Pakistan or Afghanistan or any similar country. This is the classic example of trying to Herd Cats. Tell them not to catch birds. Tell them to move along certain lines. Tell them to quit pouncing on each other. Tell them to govern themselves - and with enough treats they might actually do it for a little while. But they'll revert back to their instincts at every opportunity and most certainly after you're gone, so it's all a waste of time in the end unless someone wants to take over the country like the English did with America. Forgeddabouddit!!!

So, liberal blowhards can postulate all they want about the latest plan du jour for Israeli peace, or countrywide Afghanistan self governance rule, and it's all Naive hot air. Cold air in their case. This crap will be going on long after your great great great great niece gets married.

Personally, over time, history tells us that constant conflict, even with our Outstanding laser and GPS guided munitions as well as our Outstaning targeting intelligence, will result in the deaths of some number of 'innocents'. Therefore, I propose instead that we simply let Afghanistan and Pakistan (and all the Dirkistans) go their merry way, building up their forces, training camps, and weapons capabilities to the point they become noticeable, at which time we will send a sufficient number of B52's and support aircraft over and bomb all that crap back to the stone age and sit back and watch for another 15-20 years as they try to put it all back together.

We'd kill less 'innocents' that way, and we'd sure make it easier on the finest people who live in America - Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force, National Guard, and all the Contractors and anyone I may have missed over there helping.

Hey, did you know the charges against the Blackwater guys, regards Iraq have all been dropped? No, didn't think so.


  1. A lot of people know this.
    The def. of insanity; keep trying the same thing over and over, trying to achieve a different result.

  2. I don't want my country's armed forces occupying another nation, telling them how to live their lives, dealing with their terrorists and extremists. I want the soldiers home in the UK with their families defending us against any threat, from wherever it may come. If we seriously want to deal with the terrorist threat coming from this part of the world we need to persuade people, through education and positive actions, that we in the West are not the enemy and we can all live together on this planet.

  3. CL. I can't disagree with that.

    Though, if you know islam, you can be sure we can't all just live together on this planet.

  4. Islam only respects strength. Stop showing them girlish weakness and political correctness.

    I'm not asking that they be bombed back to the stone age. I'm suggesting we hit them hard, time after time.

  5. Nickie, for clarification, I was only talking about bombing good targets, training camps etc. Like we did in 2002 with only 250 spec ops people in country.

  6. Kid, I don't know Islam - true - but I do have Muslim friends and know that the face of Islam is not always that of the extremist.

    There were many that thought there could never be peace in Northern Ireland. Things aren't perfect but the threat of terrorism and violence has been significantly reduced by, IMO, people just talking and finding room for compromise.

  7. CL - The Koran makes it religiously illegal for the Muslim to make peace with the Infidels (that's us) unless it is for some temporary purpose and purely to their advantage.

    Sure there are Muslims that will go to the grave without ever hurting a fly, but as a group, the intention of their leadership is to have the entire world under sharia law. And they are actively working that plan for all angles.

    I read sometime in the last year I believe that the Church of England predicted that England would be under sharia law in 30 years.

    Here you go

    You won't like it. It is someone forcing their will upon your culture. I personally would die fighting those 3rd century vermin if it came to it.