Thursday, January 21, 2010

Arlen Spector

You are an Asshole

-You interrupted Her.
-You were the intolerant one.
-When you suggested 'she act like lady', you meant act like a 2nd class citizen, which is your obvious opinion of women. Speak when spoken to. That sorta thing. Isn't that right butthead?
-By saying you treated her like a lady, you accused her of not being one.

If you have a point to make, don't do it by insulting. Make your point and let people decide. Don't act like a baby because someone say's they 'voted for prosperity' and you're too much of an idiot to think on your feet regards abstracts. Instead of making your own point and allowing the audience to decide which they favor, you resorted to panic, name calling and insults.

And Michelle acted and responded with total class, and actually seemed amused by your adolescent behavior. Bravo Michelle.

If you're confused about your party, I can help you. You are a worthless Democrat as detailed very clearly by your words and actions. Stay on the left. We don't want you on the right ever again.

Yea, Yea, C-ya C-ya....

Next !


  1. What a bastard, He is toast too.
    Typical jerk, "act like a lady" condescending ass hat.
    Jerks like this HATE women who speak their mind, and tell the truth, while being smarter than them...I should know. They try to put us in "our place". It backfires big time! Bye Byeeeeee asshole

  2. Bunni, Exactly right.

    Well, he's Pennsylvania, where they keep voting in someone who is 10 times the asshole, Murtha. So, I'll be as surprised as I was about Mass.

    PS - Webster sees the doc for an evaluation next Monday. From talking with some new acquaintances that had a Corgi in the same condition, it could be a year..As they say in North Dakota "OOfta", but we'll keep on keepin on. What else ya gonna do? He's got a great attitude anyway. He knows we're helping him through something.

  3. Nicely said, Kid.

    I met him once. Felt the slime on my hand the minute I shook his. His time is over. Demise is a very difficult thing ... for him. For us, it's a damned party!

  4. Snarkey, Thank you again. I'm getting optimistic.

    Well, he's old enough he won't know the difference. Like Carter still thinks he was or is relevant.

  5. Kid, when you call a US Senator an asshole, you must always be specific. Good job.

  6. That really shows you how badly he needs to go.

  7. Calling this guy an asshole is clearly insulting to assholes everywhere. We need a better word to describe this piece of garbage. Thoughts?

  8. Kid, I'm happy to hear Webster is getting on. I know he loves you and the family even more, they can tell when we help them.

    Fredd, how about vile, feral diseased rat infested pond scum? That's kind of long, I know so have the acronym, VF DRIPS....sounds like a veneral disease, go figure...ha ha.

  9. I met the bastard once, had to interview him for a newspaper I once wrote for. It took every ounce of my strength to remain deliberate and unbiased in my questions.

    All the while I wanted to punch him in the f%^&ing mouth.

  10. Arlen treats women the same way the other "specter" does (phil). They are brothers separated at birth.

  11. Rosey, that's my take on it.

    And thank you for your service to the country. Our daughter is in the Navy. She's a Corpsman.

    Maybe if more people served, or had friends and family who served they'd be more in tune to what is really going on.

  12. Snarky, Yea, the Dem policians are very arrogant.

    I ran into Barry Goldwater once outside a restaurant in Tempe, Arizona, sometime in 97 or 98 I believe. I had just got to the front door going in, and opened it for my wife who went in, and as I was going in, I turned around and say Barry Goldwater using a cane and moving slowly toward the door - about 20 feet away. I was holding the door for him and he yelled at me to go inside. I can't think of any Dem who would do that.

  13. Yes, Bunni, they know.

    On the name; I don't know, it sure seems to fit well. Up tight and full of S*

  14. Fredd, See last comment. Well, I'll work on it.

  15. Admiral, I think he will go.

    Nickie, Thank you again.

  16. In response to Fredd's comment, if it's not to coarse here - I offer as Specter's new name "Fuckstick."

    Great post, Kid.

  17. Soloman,
    Nothing is too coarse here. I maintain this bastion of freedom in profanity to all of my commenters, past present and future, and myself of course.

    We do need some new words though. Not only for this, but also to describe the actions of obama the asshole and his merry band of criminals, racists, and lobotomized incompetents formally known as his administration, cabinet and covey of vampires known as the Democrat Senate.

  18. That last comment was by me, the kid, inadvertantly signed into some other part of google-land