Thursday, July 16, 2009

We Need a Viable Third Party

I think enough people have had it with the Dems and the Dems who call themselves Republicans.

We have serious shit about to be laid down on us from the vampires in DC. To name a few:

  • National Non-Health Care. You will pray that someone can come along and make it ONLY cost what it does now. Beside praying that you'll be able to get health care.
  • The fake Climate Driven Massive Tax about to be laid on the Energy Complex
  • Card Check - Massive Growth in Union Operations. Say goodbye to your small business employer. Cause he's going out of business or you're losing your job.

These are all things that will be Impossible to reverse once in place and I doubt the country could survive Multi-Trillion Dollar tickets for Chasing Unicorns like the pinnacles of Liberal Brain Vomit these three things are, even in the best of times.

The costs of these things will rest on your shoulders. What you think "Rich People" are going to just say, "Oh Gosh, I guess they're on to us, we'll have to pay up now".

They already pay up.

Rich people by and large are those who provide products and services. Raise their Cost of Doing Business by hitting them with all of these extra taxes, beside raising their % on income tax like Obama wants to do and that cost has to be passed along. It will be passed along to you as you buy products and services, and get turned down for raises and other perks at work.

I believe enough people are ready to listen to and possibly vote for a viable third party in enough numbers to make it a reality. I've always said I would never send any politician a dime, and I haven't, but I would consider donating to the right people if i thought it could happen, and I won't be easily convinced. It will take much much more than Sarah Palin, for example, running in 2012 in a 3rd party capacity.

I want a comprehensive party platform that is doable with lot's of people on board.
I want people able to communicate that and sell it with the public, especially the dumbasses.
I want people who can control the media and not the other way around.
I want people who can level the playing field with ACORN.

Then you'll get my money. It's already getting late in the game. Hopefully, it's not too late.


  1. This is the one I'm considering. I'm a bit leery of their "preemptive" strike mentality; I'm more of a Buchanonite in that I support helping our allies, and allied factions, to handle their own problems. BUT...I can cede that one issue if I get Federalism...because we sure as hell don't have it with the current two-party system.

    Naturally, the problem with any three-party system would be deal-making with one of the other two parties, so you'd never get true Federalism. But I think, in fact I know, the Founders knew that their system would eventually produce what we have today...they were so cognizant and warned of coming tyranny in just about everything they wrote. But anything that gets us moving BACK in the direction of Federalism, just a bit, is better than what goes on inside the Beltway, and will continue to go on if we don't wise the F up.

  2. I can't think of many options that would be worse right now.

    Whichever group may be able to rise to a position to truely have a shot at the White House is going to need to be recognizable and trusted by a large percentage of the population. It needs all those elements that Obama had all across the media, the voting process, and the buy in from the power brokers in the country - The Black community, the Unions, All those other groups that vote in unison for the most part.

    Sure, Obama came from nowhere, but he was associated with a brand that everyone knew - Democrat, with a whole lot of brain dead suckers already on board

    Serious contenders will need to draw large numbers from both sides of the current two party system.

    I'm thinking it will require getting some of them into lower level positions like Congress and Senate and getting them performing in attractive ways and communicating effectively.

    Man, that's a tall order and it isn't going to happen by 2012 or even 2016 in my opinion. I also think people really need to get stung by the Democrat policies and recognize who brought the pain. Almost seems like an impossible series of events.

    And the current regime isn't going down without a balls to the wall fight, which I translate as no holds barred.

    Maybe the best case/only hope, would be what happened in Honduras.