Friday, July 17, 2009

Bob Beckel, You are Such a Tool

I'd love to debate you on my blog. Right here. I'll keep it on the top of the page.

You are a shameless useful idiot for the Obama. Hope he's paying you well.

Let's start with Health Care. All we need is the following:

1. Make it law that Insurers cannot turn down people like yourself due to pre-condition.
2. Enact Serious Tort Reform. If drug companies and hospitals don't have to sock away huge sums in reserve because of potential and actual lottery ticket law suits, doctors wouldn't have to pay $500,000 for mal-practice insurance, and Pfizer wouldn't have to toss 5 billion into a rat hole in case some depressed sucker taking one of their anti-depressent drugs decides to end it all, While Millions Benefit (make that Used to benefit) from the same drug I might add.

My counter-argument to allowing this are Airline Crashes. How much money gets paid out to families of people lost due to plane crash. And we know they all aren't due to 'acts of God'. That piece of Shit, the McDonnel Douglass DC-10, killed a lot of people and they and airlines only paid peanuts out to families of lost loved ones. Why is the drug and health care industry any different ?
3. Cut down on the fraud. Your man Obama has a Czar for everything under the freakin sun, and an agency in the works for everything else.
How about a new agency, like the SEC, but with workers who do their jobs instead of engaging in On Line Porn all day, that will go after the MASSIVE amounts of fraud in the hospital and insurer industry. One hospital in California was determined to be guilty of hundreds of millions of $ in fraudulent claims in a single year. If there is one there are thousands. Start putting people in prison for long periods. That should slow it down at least.

And it is a fact that the biggest victim of Fraud is the Medicare System. That's right folks, the very people Beckel wants to take over the system and make it less expensive are the ones getting screwed the most by the criminals they refuse to go after. Coinkidink? Doubt it.

Just these 3 things would probably FIX the Health Care Industry and we wouldn't need your grossly incompetent government to take over a damn thing.

If you want government health care, you have shit for brains. Name any enterprise run by the governmnet as a successful venture or shut the hell up.

This country can take care of people like you who want to pay for health insurance if they'd write you a policy as well as ALL the people who can't afford it and it could easily be cheaper than it is today.