Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just Sayin

Much of the following is just my opinion or musing.

-Senator McCarthy is shut down/defeated in his effort to expose communism in America in the 50's
-Kruchev tells JFK that Russia will defeat the USA from within.
-We have the Assassination of JFK by Lee Harvey Oswald (and at least one other) who had communist connections.
-JFK's replacement (LBJ) escalates then sabotages the Vietnam war by micro-managing it from the White House.
-McNamara helps lose the war by replacing perfectly good weapons with the stuff that doesn't work.
-The Commies fire up the university students to very visibly oppose the war.
-The government facilitates massive drug availability, mostly marijuana, but many other prescription drugs such as Quaalude 714's to 'calm the natives', especially after the 4 dead in O Hi O.
-Seriously, the amounts of reefer and prescription drugs shot up so high as to be Extremely Available, it is hard to believe that 'smugglers' made that happen.
-"America" forces Nixon to officially lose the war.
-Break to today where our school children are on mandatory (brainwashing?) drugs in school because they tend to act like children otherwise. Schools and Universities are extremely liberal and force their views on students by lowering their grades if they don't comply. The media is overwhelmingly on board and has been.
-We now have a Congress, Senate, and White House, clearly working an anti-capitalism, anti-freedom agenda.
They're also working on the Supreme Court - it would sure be interesting if 'unexpected vacancies' occur especially the conservative judges, over the next 3-7 years..

Just sayin.

And If You Haven't Seen It.


  1. Troubling times for sure. I'm worried for my son's future.

  2. Well, Let's just hope that I'm a right wing nutjob, consumed with Orwelian visions.