Saturday, July 11, 2009

Obama Says

Obama Says Stimulus Plan Worked as Intended

The unemployment rate is 9.7 nationally, let's see what it is "later this year"

Obama says when you're 62, you might just have to get by on pain pills and forego additional tests, drugs, and procedures, because according to him, many are unnecessary and don't provide value. Really? Wonder where he got that stat. Hope that applies to he and his family.

Obama says no more earmarks
. There are 9 Thousand earmarks in his omnibus bill.

Obama says no lobbyists on his staff
. Plenty of lobbyists on his staff.

Obama says tax break for 95% of Americans
. His cap and tax bill will increase your utility bills by 50 to 100%. The bulk of that money will go directly to DC to be stolen by money addicted politicians.

Obama says he's going to bring main street closer to wall street.
All in all, 30 trillion has been doled out to Wall Street, that Main Street is going to have to pay for. I guess that's what he meant.

And you got arrogant pieces of garbage like Barney Frank telling you on national TV to fuck off when he is exposed as being at the center of the economic meltdown with Fannie and Freddie.
Murtha telling his voters they are ignorant racists, and they vote him in again...

I could go on for days.

How much of this shit are the "Democrat Voters" willing to take? They must like "taking it" is all I can conclude.