Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ok, Maybe I Just Needed a Laugh, but I Got One Here Fo Sho

Credit Card Anarchy

And I've been signing my name as Mongo for a couple years now.

Hope it gives you a chuckle too.


  1. As someone with the handle "Dr.," I can attest to having years of practicing a signature that is so illegible and written so quickly that no handwriting expert in the world could prove A) that I'm writing English and B) that what I'm writing is even any form of communication at all.

  2. Dr Dave, I use to have a readable signature, then became a check signor at a company I worked at years ago. That went out the window. Now it's First Initial and a little scribble, Last Initial and more scribble. Looks good though ;-)

  3. I have got to try this.

    It just seems like thing to do.