Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hell, More Good News

That criminally insane Ahole, Ward Churchill has lost his case and has been denied a return to Practicing Communist Brainwashing at University.

Plus I read in another version of the article that someone is out 1.2 mil defending this vermin.

Though, maybe it is the American Communist Liberal Union that is defending him, which means it might be our tax money that is being flushed trying to defend this piece of garbage. So, maybe it's not all peachy news.

It doesn't say ACLU, it just says "His Lawyer, David Lane", but it's hard to believe someone is putting up 1.23 mil of their own money, but if that is true, then Yippeeeeeeee! Suckah !

I'm not spunky enough or care enough to research it any more. Just glad he lost, and hope he appeals until he or they spend all their money on it.

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