Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Reflection Music From the Great Tommy Emmanuel

This tune might stir your thoughts to drift in the direction of our country and what a perilous situation it is in.

Maybe you are reminded of a time when great danger was all around you but you escaped the situation without harm, laughing like a Hyena as you emerged the other side.

Or maybe when you were 24, lying on the beach beside your girl/boyfriend, the most beautiful/handsome person you'd ever seen, waves gently crashing on the beach, far away child laughter appearing and disappearing in your ears as you notice a few big puffy cotton ball clouds drift by as well as all the colors of the rainbow reflected from each drop of perspiration adorning your friends body.

Or maybe, just a really good cheeseburger and a Heineken.

Hell, I don't know, you tell Me.


  1. It's certainly a moment of peace, of calmness, of familiarity and comfort, certainly a moment more calming than today.

    Thanks for sharing....