Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How Stupid Are People ?

I read the headlines that spash across my news page everyday, and I wonder how stupid people can be?

Like "Shumer Vows To Make Insurers Help Fund Health Plan"

I get this vision of a bunch of punks with bandanas running around yelling 'Yea Man, Make those Greedy Bastards Pay !"

These are public companies with stockholders and finite sources of revenue to 'pay' with. Once they start tossing their profits into the fire, their stock will be selling at 2 cents a share, all the talented people working there will leave for lucrative positions in some other industry not hacked apart by the vampires in DC and that will be that. Then who is 'going to pay'. Not to mention it is government's intention to put them all out of business anyway, so they can take all that money on people's paychecks deducted for health insurance and redirect it through DC. They bankrupted SS, they Bankrupted Medicare. Medicare is like 43 trillion under-funded and these Planet of the Apes people want to hand them Health Care.

There are no explatives that do this sort of thing justice, so I won't even bother.

This shit is so non-sensical, it really doesn't deserve the time to type it up, which is why I'll probably never do it again. But yes, I do know there are people out there who are 'that stupid' as to take a headline like that seriously.

Or how about this. A picture of the ugly Hildebeast Clinton accompanies this lead in to a story "The Obama administration is attempting to build a "multi-partner world" in which both governments and private groups work collectively on common global problems and in which the United States does not shun dialogue with its adversaries ..."

Is there anyone out there who thinks that the Iranian leadership, which is feverishly working on Nuclear Bombs in order to Blow that Stinking Corpse - Israel - off the face of the map, would be the slightest bit interested in spending money on stuff we want them to, or any other purpose for that matter. They don't have enough money to maintain their commercial aircraft. One crashed today for proably this reason. My sincere condolences to the families and friends of the victims.

Or North Korea. Those whackjobs have half of their population eating grass because they put every available resource into pleasuring Kimmy and the elite and supporting their 1.2 million person army. Like they give a shit about ANYTHING that goes on, on the face of the Earth.

Not to mention Obama put the major DIS on the UK and France. "Our Allies that he was going to 'bring back into the fold'".

See, once you get started with something like this, you end up in a subject with no end because Obama and crew screw things up to the point that it almost defies the laws of physics. Anywhere you travel in a subject associated with Obama, you have a never ending series of lies, mistakes, and tongue bathing from the Mass Media.

How stupid are these people that live amongst me/us..

There are literally 5 or 6 news stories like this every day; each of them equally absurd, untrue, misleading, and insulting.


  1. Sometimes I think we've reached the Apocalypse. Then I slap myself and realize they're just zombies who can't help themselves because someone's eaten their brains.

  2. Soon it is time to fight. Very soon.

  3. Dr Dave, Would someone tell the brainless to stop voting ?

    JihadGene, God, I Hope So !