Saturday, July 4, 2009

No Idea What is so Confusing about Sarah Palin's Resignation

I have no idea what she plans to do tactically or strategerily, but it is obvious she plans to work to try to turn America in the conservative direction of smaller government and capitalist opportunity. And since the Democrats are balls to the wall Destruction of America, Freedom, and pretty much anything that makes any kind of freakin sense, sitting around for another year while they work that agenda would be insane if this is your plan.

Good Luck Mrs Palin.

Oh, well the one thing I did read in critique of Mrs Palin's tactics was that it wasn't conventional.

As if having an Anti-American, Racist, Incompetent Actor like Barak Obama standing in the middle of some plastic Greek columns telling us how this will be the moment in time we recognize as when the oceans began to recede is freakin conventional.

Anyone been to the beach in their lifetime ? Anyone been there recently ? Anyone notice water being at a different level at high noon than it ever has been?
Well, that's another story.


  1. Sarah's got plans, and the MSM will have no say about it. If she signs with FOX, she's gonna be able to dish it right back.

    Payback is a bitch.

  2. Sure would be fun to see her interview a bunch of these bozos wouldn't it?

    Now President Obama, what year did the United States declare its independence? Eh?

    And how many states are there ?


  3. I like the fact that she is able to have everyone scratching their heads and wonder what is going to happen next.

    We all know what "Teh One" will do: Tell Iran he won't meddle and then turn right around and threaten Honduras for following their own constitution.

  4. USA_Admiral, I hope she's got them stuttering and running into each other like the 3 stooges by the time she's done!

    As far as the boy genius, I'd say he makes it up as he goes along, but I'm sure he's not that smart.

    Putin and Medvedev must be spitting vodka out on their keyboards about now as well from the best laughs they've had in years.