Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ohio. July 1st. It was Cold This Morning

Global Warming?

Remember, it is not the job of the sane to disprove the Global Climate Thingamabob theory. It is the job of the nutcases, whackjobs, and morons to Prove that it exists. They haven't even come close. The only thing they are good at is suppressing the dissenting views of a large number of scientists and climatologists.

Then it is their job to prove that it Is man made.
Then is is their job to prove that it Can be reversed.
Then it is their job to prove that it Should be reversed.

Who in the hell do you think should decide what the temperature of the planet should be? Based on What !

This last point is going to be a tough one. To make the argument that the United States should spend Trillions of dollars in a severely depressed economy, when those trillions will come from energy companies (to a small degree) and consumers (to a maximum degree) is Insane.

To make the argument that we can afford to make all resources like food and water, which millions of starving or half starving people need right now around the world chasing some pie in the sky idyllic energy source, more expensive and out of reach for millions of people is fucking criminally insane. Al Gore and the Democrats should be sent to the Hague to stand trial for genocide if his greed based fantasy of carbon credit trading comes to pass.

Everything that you see around you needs energy to produce and transport to where it is needed. To impose an enormous tax on the use of that energy which must be passed on to the consumers of every product on the face of the Earth is unbelievably insane.

I have no problem looking for alternate cleaner energy resources. Wind, Solar, Hybrid and Geothermal will play a role in our immediate future. It will not replace coal, oil, and nuclear. Because it can not. If it could, in an effecient manner, We'd Already be Doing It and people would be making Trillions off of the technology.

What is so hard to understand about that?