Monday, July 13, 2009

There is a Push On to Ban Smoking in the Military In All Situations

This is absurd of course, and you can find many reasons why scouting the Milblogs, but it occurs to me that they are doing this at the same time our WUSS in Chief is trying to quit smoking.

CNN had one of those video deals where people could make a video suggesting ways to help Obama quit smoking and submit it. First off, anyone who has time for that BS should be put to good use somewhere.

Second - Help the POTUS quit smokin? Poor little fella. Here's my suggestion. Pretend your ass is sitting on dirt behind a rock barely large enough to hide your ass in 130 degrees while being shot at and your superior officer just came by, took your smokes and told you "You just Quit Smokin Son".

Hope this Helps.


  1. Obama and his minions are pushing the nanny state. They know whats best for you and yours. You, according to them, are a dumb redneck racist who sleeps with his sister. Its easy to figure these great thinkers out.

  2. I hope he keeps trying to quit...and failing...I like him nervous and jittery and defiant. It shows his true nature to the moderates who helped put him in.

  3. Ron, Yep, and unfortunately a lot of people are voting to turn this country into one big day care.

    Dr Dave - yea, me too. I want to see him stressed and then have both teleprompters go out simultaneously. At a Big Event. Arg!

    Or have someone screwing with them like they did to Palin.

    Dude would blow up like a 10 dollar robot.

  4. Stooopid shit. I quit while in the military but if in combat I would chew for sure.