Saturday, July 23, 2022

PSA - Cheaper Drugs

Did you know about this?  It is a real thing.

Link - Cost Plus Drugs


  1. "Retail price at other companies $9,657.30" WHAT? Is that savings for a YEAR? Only one of those drugs listed (and I know they probably have thousands more) sounds familiar (Prozac, which I don't take but who hasn't heard of it?) but do you think you'll be doing this? I have a pharmacy which drives stuff over the afternoon or next day that I text them so I'm spoiled rotten....This sounds like the type of situation where they send per your schedule and that doesn't sometimes work for me.... Mark Cuban? Huh!!

  2. I don't know the details Z, only that they only sell generics and your doctor gives them the prescription instead of a pharmacy.
    Because we have insurance, we don't pay that much for our scripts, but some people could save a lot of money.

    1. I was off insurance for a few months a couple years ago.
      Scherie takes expensive meds that I'd hate to see her lack.
      University of Michigan offered a discount to her.
      But the pharmacist made us aware of manufacturers coupons that were insanely low priced.

    2. But I did se a generic for one of them.
      Pharma pricing is one of the things that prevents my retirement.
      My enjoying my job is another.

    3. Ed, Hope you continue to find solutions,

      Yea, Mad says the only reason she is working is because of the Ins. For me, now it's because the cost of everything is twice as much due to democrat control.
      But hey, no ego guy in the white house right? Geeezus.

  3. It's all kind of confusing to me, I have to admit....I'm sure I pay too much for drugs because I simply don't understand all the ins and outs of the Medicare Plan D, and my supplemental, least I get them!! And yes, this could be very helpful to smarter folks :-)

  4. I use good RX.. just clip coupon or use coupon number and take to the pharmacy cheapest. Cheaper than my drug plan deductible.

    1. That was Bunks who apparently was fearful that the CIA was on the hunt...Good RX.. I can vouch for them... :) Don't know how that happened..

  5. Thanks for the tip. I'm mostly against drugs, but I prefer it when they're cheap. Which is good, no insurance, you see.


  6. The Democratic party of slavery, racism, authoritarian oppression and Jim Crow laws should have been dissolved a long time ago. It's a pure evil entity.

    It's an embarrassing shame to our country that the Democratic party still exists.

  7. I just opened a link to this a few minutes ago. I was just going to go and look around in a bit. I have Medicare part D, but it might be cheaper for some of the meds that I take for migraines.

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