Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Carl Sagan Told Us About This 25 Years Ago

and even before that.  I love it when they bottom line it.

I think the vid is self-explanatory but let me know if not.

Yes, the governments have taken huge advantage of our general ignorance.

Look what they did to the world over a virus with a 99.97% survival rate among all age groups, much closer to 100% with young people.

They say 1 million died of covid in the US.  They did not. Many of those reported died of other causes but tested positive in whatever medical facility they ended up in on their way to the grave. Many.  Well never know the number.  The survival rate is better than 99.97%.

Many died of covid who were vaccinated based on reliable reporting.

Many people died and are dying of the vaccine itself.  Heart disease, blood clots, strokes the biggest reasons. And we're just getting started.

This is not a post on Covid.

Look at how they raped and are raping the entire world over the false claim of man made global warming.

False?  If they were worried about CO2, they'd be building nuke plants all over, especially LFTRs which are 100% safe, and railing on China and India and other huge polluters.

These are unbelievable crimes against humanity and much of it done easily because as Carl explains, technology has surpassed the ability of 99+++% or more of the population to understand.  So, we're being raped, hounded, and stolen from constantly by these evil governments.

Just two of thousands of examples.

No end in sight. It will get worse.

Just bottom lining it.


  1. Sadly, there is no vaccination people haven't become sick from, or died from. And this one is no different...thankfully, this one has also done what others have done: kept people from becoming so ill as to be hospitalized or dead.....and ya....Carl Sagan was a prophet... "raped, hounded and stolen" kidding :-( And that's only from Kevin McCarthy :-) HAAAAAAAAA!!

    1. I don't want to get into Covid much just because too much true information is unavailable. My point of mentioning it in this post was that you don't shut the world down, you don't put 40% of small businesses in the US out of business permanently for a virus with 99.97++% survival rate.
      This is not hindsight on the part of the government's activities with Covid. They've been lying their asses off and been hypocritical the entire time.
      Now they want to keep pushing it - especially vaccine for the very young. Why. Pure evil.

      I don't agree on the usefulness of the vaccine but that's Ok with me.

      Raped, hounded, and stolen from.... Z, the Government has never been more in our faces in My Life than the last 20 years or so. It's not supposed to be this way. I won't cite examples because then I won't be able to stop. Suffice it to say, government has gone from civil servant to the entire complete opposite. Federal government being 100% non-useful and serving, state governments a little less evil depending on who is running it, and local governments from bad to not too bad depending on where you live.

  2. Good find!

    Thomas Sowell said it perfectly decades ago: "It’s not that Johnny can’t read. It’s not even that Johnny can’t think. It’s that Johnny doesn’t even know what thinking is, and he’s confused it with feelings." In the case of the last 2 years, fear.

    To answer Sagan's question, who do we depend on? EXPERTS! Yeah. Those guys. But we don't just rely on them for expertise or knowledge, but on THEIR wisdom, not OURS. BIG mistake. Fauci. New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern: “We will continue to be your single source of truth.” But she left out the whole truth and nothing but the truth part cuz there isn't a snowball's chance in hell you'll get the rest from her lot. E.g., the Pfizer trial showed for every 22,000 vaxed you could expect to save one death from the Wuflu variant at the time of the trials. Okay, they were good getting that part out. What about the fact that for every life saved from WF you'd lose 5 more to heart attacks in the vaxxed? I don't seem to remember much coverage of that from "The Single Source of Truth" types.

    Pfizer fought tooth and nail to keep this info private from FOIA eyes for 75 years. They lost. This came from a FOIA request court ordered data dump a month or so ago. So we have to be ready to muscle out truth and transparency.

    My brother's doctor is peddling the vax to him. "You are 245% more likely to get Covid if you're not vaxxed." Well, IF he were vaxxed, he would be 159% MORE likely to die from Covid in his age group. Current British health service numbers. Sound science.

    So when the fear reflexes turned on, the mind reflexes turned off. Some of us noticed the government was peddling vaccines much as the 16th century catholic church peddled indulgences.

    It seems they hit their sticking point at about 62%, then laid on the threats of starving people out. That means about 38% had the sense and capacity to ferret out more information and attempt follow a reasonable path in another direction. We had a Stop-the-Mandates" rally in LA 2 weeks ago. One news outlet reported "a few hundred people." Another a thousand or so. The event's crowd counters said 20,000. Not all hope is lost.


    1. Thanks so much Baysider. (All comments are in moderation.)

      All truth and so much more in your comment.

      If you look at reports about for example: Vax'd Soccer players collapsing and dying on the field from heart attack, people all over saying the healthy vax'd family member died unexpectedly of heart related problems, clots, or stroke without warning, the Documented very serious problems experienced by military members, usually healthy as horses, on and on and on, there is a Biblical level of denial going on here.
      You could type a novel listing the horrors of this vaccine.

      What they're doing and have done to people in Canada, New Zealand, Australia to name a few, is Nazi Level heavy handed evil. For a virus with 99.97% survival, and 100% for anyone under,I don't know, let's say 60 years old.

      About 2 months after this fake pandemic started, I was livid that people were so willing to play this evil Simon Says game with these lying sacks running the game. I typed back then that people should refuse en mass all the masking and lockdowns. The government has since admitted (about a month ago) that the masks and social distancing was a waste of time. people should be hanging from ropes over this, starting with Tony, the democrats who used it to steal the election with mail in ballots, and let's not forget China.

      I'll stop.

  3. Am I in moderation? Or did my post earlier this evening not post?

  4. Didn't imply the way we shut down our country for covid was a good idea...I HATE it, always have, always will...disastrous. And nobody says a vax can't be lethal! THank GOD the huge preponderance of vax'd people have been fine. What I find evil is giving vax to Moderna's asking for the FDA to approve it for under 6 yr olds....I wouldn't allow them near a kid if my own life depended on it. If I had to homeschool because the NAZI White House regulated that they MUST to go to school....which IS coming. Sadly, this virus, having been engineered in a lab to live in a human host isn't going anywhere like the Spanish flu did...that's upsetting.

    1. A sane comment Z.

      I do not support the vax for younger healthy people for sure. I feel it is pure evil and totally profit motivated.

      You may wonder where I get my reynolds wrap on sale but I believe the vax killed a lot more people than Covid did. And it may not be over. I am also not sold on the idea that the vax saved anyone as they may have survived it regardless. I know unvaxed people who had a rough go but are still here. Also unvaxed who did not even have severe symptoms.

      I don't ask anyone to share my opinion. I'm just tossing it out for prosperity and the time capsule.

    2. Right....and I think it's important to throw out differing viewpoints..... I know you know the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths are down since the vax, but no vax has ever not caused problems as well as solving many of them. Not sure why any of us believes we're trying to get people of the same opinion.....I have never even considered changing anybody's mind; I write my truth that I've gleaned from reading and 'real life' and I learn from and like reading those opinions of others. I wish all bloggers felt that way.

  5. There are some things that I disagreed with Sagan about — Earth’s creation, for one ... but he is definitely correct about science and the “scientific method” of thinking. If he thought the situation was bad “back then” because 98% of Congress didn’t understand the concept of scientific thinking, it’s a thousand times worse now. Why? Because too many people with degrees in science do not think scientifically. How many of these people have a degree in science because they qualified for “affirmative action” programs? How many of those incapable people are now in positions of authority or influence — way above their capabilities, posing danger to American society/human populations. Imagine any scientist with advance degrees in human genetics thinking it is somehow appropriate for them to offer an opinion about global climate patterns. I think of them as well-educated idiots. Maybe Sci-diots. Obama’s science advisor, John Holdren, comes to mind. What does a Ph.D. know? Whatever their field, it is a very narrow band of knowledge. So, if you think that congressmen incapable of thinking scientifically is scary, how frightening must it be to have scientists who are incapable of thinking scientifically? Any person with a college degree, no matter what their degree, should be thinking “scientifically” as a matter of course. Our problem today is that we have people with college degrees incapable of thinking at all.

    1. Mustang, Yes, Sagan was a stone cold atheist. I also don't agree that everything came from a pool of chemicals.
      You make me realize that anytime I've heard someone in government ay "Follow the science", over the last 20-30 years at least, the science they are talking about wouldn't have even fooled us as 12 yr old kids.
      Scientific Method in 10 words or less "If your prediction does not come true, your theory is bullshit."
      Not a single prediction for global warming, man made or otherwise, has ever come true. We can't include recorded temperature on land or at sea because those are all lies funded by a billions dollar fund that pays for for them along with supporting all the our of work 'scientists' who 100% agree with the scam.

      As far as experts, let me quote Peter Lynch, one of the best fund managers ever, former manager of the Magellan Fund at Fidelity, "If you talk to any economist for 13 minutes you've wasted 12 minutes of your life".

    2. .. out of work scientists..

  6. 100% agree. We're facing real evil.

  7. Regarding the vaccine, I had the J&J injection; my primary care doctor deemed that mRNA vaccines were too alive for me -- I have a history of reacting badly to live vaccines.

    I have some residual problems from the J&J injection: respiratory issue. It's not pleasant! The reaction started about 3 weeks after I got the vaccine.

    We are living in some kind of dystopian America right now.

    For the most part, masking doesn't do much good. What does? Social distancing. Fortunately, I'm pretty well retired so it's easy to practice social distancing.

    1. I as well on the social distancing AOW. Best wishes for your issue to improve or go away.

      Dystopian America. Good God Yes. Not only have I been surrounded by so much bullshit coming from everywhere in My Life, I've also never been surrounded by so many people lapping it up like dogs with ice cream cones. That's a novel or two in itself.

  8. The well thought out comments already made above leave me little but ditto 2.... Sagan... thanks for a great find.