Sunday, March 20, 2022

The Problem in America

With all this talk about Tyranny, crime, corruption, and worse going on in America, seemingly without any obvious or viable solution, I have come to the conclusion that the federal government itself is the problem.

Now, I'm not suggesting it's possible we can get rid of it but let's at least recognize what the real problem is.

The federal government takes massive amounts of our hard earned money and provides, really, nothing in return. 

In short, the government is that Hyper Obese Aunt that comes by on holidays (Every night in the case of the feds) and consumes massive resources without returning any value, while getting in the way of people trying to move from room to room.

James Gregory Lays it out for us in his piece - Everybody has this one relative.

The vid is 8:43.  You may want to watch after reading the rest.

Yes, we all do have that one relative.  In our case, his name is Uncle Sammy and he is way past his expiration date.

Let's break it down by branch.

Legislative - Congress is a collection of corrupt imbeciles, owned by the lobbyists, intent on either serving said lobbyists, or coming up with legislation so they can feel like they're actually doing something.  Well, given everything they touch turns to shit, we can scratch them off without any more thought and be light years ahead of the game.

Judicial - Ha ! Let me know when the justice department does anything useful.  Given we now know about all the corruption and crime in America justice and Intelligence agencies, let's just say we wouldn't be any worse off if we just forget to keep the payroll system running for all these people.

Executive  - Oh, please don't make me split my sides.  Let's just rename this branch as the Money Laundering branch serving all those who are in the Big Club.

Do you know about the big club?  Go to youtube and search "George Carlin - It's a Big Club".  Pick the longer running version. Lots of language there as a warning for those sensitive to such.

Alright. SO, what can we do with Uncle Sammy?  We can't fix him.  He's got to go but that's not an option,  just a fun academic fancy.  Just for pretend then, let's imagine how it might go down.

Let's look at what the federal government does that provides any value at all.  National Security, Social Security and Medicare for Seniors as obvious examples.

We can assume the states will take up the slack on things which actually do provide value, so let's chart that out.

National Security Well, the feds suck at national security.  Not only do they suck at it, they're going for the Guiness Record of Suck.  They spent 20 years, trillions of dollars, lives and limbs of "our best" Americans in Afghanistan, and the sacrifices of their families at home, as but one example and what did we get in return.  The taliban is not only still in control of the country, but we gave them billions of high tech modern weapons and loads of cash stolen from America's hard working stiffs when we left.

Ditto Iraq.

Let's not dwell on this.  Too much pain for great people in America who were involved.  They have my sincere condolences.  We had a family member in Iraq and a friend in Afghanistan.  Fortunately, they returned.  These people who were there and elsewhere get more respect than I can put into words.  They got None from the federal government.  The feds pay for everything for an illegal, but won't even cover a wheelchair ramp for an injured veteran.

Along with this, they have thrown open the borders to every potential welfare queen, terrorist, disease carrier, and at the least - new democrat voter.  We are importing what will destroy our country and culture.

Let's put the military in charge of Security. Each state will contribute a share of their GDP toward that. 

Any states not holding up their end of the log might get a visit from some Great Americans. Possibly. Maybe.

The states will receive their share of whatever SS and Medicare money that the feds haven't stolen yet based upon their census numbers of Legal citizens.  They will take over collecting and investing for SS, but according to how it was originally designed, which means it will always be in the black and flush with money. Ditto Medicare. 

Now some incidentals.

Space exploration.  Private enterprise has pretty much already taken that over. Done.

Interstate highways and affairs. States take care of all the roads in their state and anything else involving multi-state affairs.  Git R done.

U.N.  Eliminated.  Let the world's countries figure out who they're going to go to try and extorte money from.  Ain't going to be us.

Diplomatic Relations? Eliminated. Look at all the foreign aid (stolen and laundered money) we won't be puttin out.

Someone can't take care of their own country? Well I guess the country wasn't worth the paper their borders were printed on were they.  Go ask someone else for help.

Immigration.  This will be returned to the point that immigrants must be sponsored by a natural citizen or group and must have employment as soon as their feet hit the ground.

We'll turn off all benefits for anyone here illegally.  They'll deport themselves.  No lawyers, trials, judges, ICE, no nuthin.  Bye Bye Jose and don't let the cactus hit you on the ass on the way out where you can reapply to immigrate when you're back in your country.

FBI? CIA? NSA? DNI? DHS?  Don't need em.  They're both corrupt and incompetent. Someone commits a crime. So what?  Crime happens all day every day.  Deal with it.

The rest of the federal agencies?  Do an internet search on federal agencies and come make your case for why any of them deserve being funded any more.

So, why do you think we still need the federal government for anything?


  1. Well Amigo, you won’t get any arguments from me about the federal government. I have no doubt that the Articles of Confederation would have allowed us to avoid the Civil War (which still plagues us in several ways) and World War I ... although I’m not sure it could have outlasted World War II. Maybe. And it may have helped us to avoid the other stupid wars (OSW) in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

    It does occur to me that if you “tax the states” for their fair share of the defense establishment, it could act to de-incentivize the poorest states. Why bother with trying to improve GDP if the central government is going to help itself?

    The problems are several with this issue, as I’m sure you know. First, warfare is damned hard, and it needs people at the top and bottom who know how to get it done. So, you need some kind of standing military. I’d suggest downsizing the Army and Air Force (both of which are huge organizations), keep the Navy & Marine Corps as our rapid defense force structure, and if needed, the Army and Air Force could be “rekindled” to fight a major land war. This scheme would allow massive savings to the government, who then operating at about 1/3 horsepower, all those gazillions of civilian employees in DoD would disappear. Poof. We do need a CIA ... too bad they’re all Democrats, though. Can’t trust anything they tell you. Maybe we need a CIA & NSA with no Democrats so that neither will spy on American citizens. FBI, DHS ... what a waste of money. We should get rid of HHS, NOAA, USDA, GSA, OPM, DEA, FTC, NRC, NCUA, ATF, CPS, NTSB, CDC, EEO, Secret Service, FDIC, USCIS, and HUD. Close down the Bureau of Indian Affairs and NASA (we aren’t going to Mars, so fagitaboutit). You don’t have to close down the FBI, just put everyone working there in jail for violating the public trust. The State Department should have no more than three employees. I’m sure there are other improvements, too, if we think on it long enough.

    1. Improvements can always be made Mustang and I thank you for your suggestions.

      I was envisioning the military as under its own control. States will contribute voluntarily based on a % of their GDP. If they don't contribute they don't get any defense if they're attacked. So Russia comes in, takes over Vermont, the military command laughs, waits until all the Vermonters are dead or taken to Russia, then comes in and kiks Russian ass and some good folks from other states move there and pick up the property for free, rebuild the GDP and contribute to the military again.

      We will put on the planning committee if and when if you're interested.

      All those other departments you mention are already history. Gone.

    2. So a kind of American Military NATO? Pay and we'll help? Hmmm!!
      I believe the CIA and FBI are GREATLY needed but NOT led by hate-America-first jerks like we have now....I CRINGE every time I hear both their leaders speak....literally cringe.

      I suppose that the fancier equipment we have these days to damage enemies COULD mean we need less Army, as Mustang suggested, but I don't know enough to weigh just scares me to think of China's army as huge as it's said to be, and as well trained and armed, and think of our cutting anything we've got.

      I like a LOT of those points, gotta say....until the American gravy train of corruption and greed by our 'leaders' ends, however, we're stuck with them.

      KID, you obviously have no loved ones in Vermont :-)

    3. Z, Nothing good comes for free :-). NATO, EU good examples I guess. Gotta pay though.

      Well, I don't know what the CIA does. Given the 9/11 attack successes, my conclusion is Jack Nothing of value.

      Army? I'll leave it up to those with mil experience to weigh in on that one. I've seen stuff around about how the army isn't much use in the big fights.

      Thanks for your thoughts. The corruption will never stop. The population doesn't have the slightest clue about the feeding frenzy going on in government.

      Vermont's gotta pay Z ! Even if they are nice people. :)

      The FBI is a complete waste of money. Every once ina. while they nab some criminal to make it look like they do something other than self-enrich. Note to the FBI - Wake me up when you nab a bunch of child sex traffickers. Extra points if they're politicians or celebrities.

    4. I read a book a while back about the formation and early adventures of the CIA. "The Old Boys Network".
      The O.S.S. exploits were great. After that, just a lot of bureaucratic maneuvering and power grabbing.
      Swamp all the way back.

    5. Rings true Ed.

      Clintons bought the FBI - Comey back in the early 90's. The FBI not only hasn't done anything or America they were very visible in playing a part in the crimes of spying on a presidential candidate and a sitting president. (watergate, .. Jeez who can I vomit on)
      Comey actually destroying physical evidence belonging to Clinton. On what planet does a law enforcement entity ever Destroy physical evidence ?? Unreal.
      We could close all the federal departments and the only ones who would notice are the ones not getting the government originated checks.
      Honestly, CIA, FBI and they can't head off some moslem vermin yokels that did 9/11 ? Then the FBI (now being sued over it) couldn't be bothered about Nikolaus Cruz who people called and testified he was going to shoot up the place.
      And that's not even the tip of the iceberg.

    6. Russian intelligence warned us ahead of time about the 9-11 attacks. They were very specific about it.

  2. I heard an ex CIA bigwig about 25 years ago say that the whole situation was scary (even back then) because they used to get applicants who wanted to help our country, when it was popular to love the country that's given us all so much, and from Ivy League schools, really bright guys....he said that they can't get applicants now who haven't done drugs or stolen anything; I guess they give them some kind of lie detector tests; so we're definitely protected by CIA and FBI still, in my opinion...but not like we should be.
    Guys who have the kind of courage and patriotism to give up their lives to protect our leadership if it comes to that can't be ONLY in the secret service; I believe a lot of law enforcement still works hard for America.

    1. I'm not buying it Z. I don't believe they (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc) do anything for us.
      Snowden did the whistle blow on the NSA and moved to Russia because they were working hard against Americans and I'm sure they still are.

      Now I do think people at lower levels of these places may care and try to do the 'right thing', but upper levels don't let that happen.
      There was a guy who posted a comment about how he'd be celebrating when the head guy of the NSA or whatever agency that this guy worked for at one time was sent to jail. Head guy was in the news quite a bit as the swamp was being exposed during the Trump years. Of course, none of these people will ever be indicted.

      Well, there's 3000 people murdered in NYC on 9-11 that were not protected from those moslem punks by thee agencies who will argue my point. I never read about any success stories outside of again - the FBI arrests some dude on occasion.

      Local law enforcement is a different story, lots of good people there and making a difference for lots of people.

  3. I'm confused. Are you questioning our Rulers?

  4. Being the typical habitual screw up that I am, I deleted Bunkerville's comment form moderation.

    Here it is.

    Sadly, the government doesn't supply Social Security... rather we and our employer kick into the kitty all our working lives... 3.5 percent each if my memory serves me, of our salary... I calculated some years ago that had I invested that percent of my salary for my working career, I as well as many of my fellow inmates of the USA would be close to a millionaire...

    1. Oh yes, same here Bunk. Since I was 15 for me and never stopped contributing.

      Just take a look at the S&P500 chart form say 1968 to present. Makes you want to vomit on a democrat and a republican too. P;us uncle sammy wouldn't be 'holding' our money for us. We'd be holding the millions and passing it down to the next generation.

      The government goes through a lot of effort to make sure no dirt people families Don't make it out into the sunlight where they are. Can't have that.

    2. Scuse the double negative. Like putting biden and harris in the same sentence :)