Saturday, May 21, 2022

Let's Get Back Near the Inception of This Climate Crap


Thanks so much Carl ! (not)

(Big point here in my opinion) I believe Carl's basic mindset was heavily skewed toward what "Man is doing to our beautiful planet" not just in this respect but also to how we pretty much still act like savages from the standpoint of wars and general abuse to one another, generally speaking.  See Carl's BLUE DOT video.

Well, here he was just giving a basic scientific rundown which I assume is accurate from a point of view that Excludes thousands of important variables. He does say that more investigation is needed, although not strong enough to hold back the al gore's of the political world who must have been having orgasms and with dollar signs in his eyes while sitting there listening.

Did Carl know that NASA and NOHH would be lying their asses off to sell this massive abuse on the world's population ?  Did Carl know that governments would pay 'scientists' billions of dollars in total to perpetuate and exaggerate this CO2 thing completely off the Richter scale ?

At least Carl does state that any attempts at heading off this potential problem would involve the building and operation of safe nuclear power plants such as LFTR's which we Could have been making the last 35 years as well as recognizing we aren't doing anything more than pissing in the ocean if we simply ignore what part in this China and other similar developing countries are playing.  Remember this is stated by Carl 1985 - 35 friggin years ago.  Oddly I came to these same conclusions myself the last 10 years as I got sick of hearing about climate change.

Did Carl think that governments would foist this bullshit on the world while doing absolutely Nothing to head off the potential problems.  Solar you say?  Please. Maybe solar or some other exceptionally clean running power source would be designed and put in use hundreds of years from now.  What we need now, if you believe in this scam is nuclear power.

As an aside, Lake Powell and Lake Mead which provide a lot of power to western states are currently so low that the official word is if they drop a little lower they will no longer have the ability to run their hydro-electric power producing turbines.  No lie.  Big drought in the west now with no end in sight.  In fact, the last lake report I watched on youtube dated a couple weeks ago was saying Lake Powell is going to stop sending water down stream to Lake Mead in an attempt to save itself.  Tons of related vids on youtube,


Antarctica is larger in size now than it has ever been since accurate recording by satellite of it began.  Gee, maybe the Earth IS a self-correcting system.

Let's recognize the entire country of Bangladesh is from 3 to 20 feet above sea level.  People aren't moving out.

I could go on for days.  Bottom line is we aren't doing jack to prepare for this potential problem IF it even manifests itself.  Even outside the fact that the CO2 story is way overblown, a number of natural events could put the Earth in a deep cooling period for decades if not a century or more.  Large volcano, small asteroid hit puts up massive sun blocking material into the atmosphere.

Well, here is Carl, giving the keys of power to massive abuse of the citizens by world governments to the governments.


  1. HI, wisely said "Bottom line is we aren't doing jack to prepare for this potential problem IF it even manifests itself." and THAT is , in my opinion, a huge problem. Because the Left has gone overboard with the horrifying scenarios they dream up all the time (like the coasts are going to be flooded...but Gore and Obama buy houses overhanging the water, etc etc.)...they scare the public unnecessarily. The Right tries to calm people down...nobody on the Right doesn't want a healthy, cyclical climate system like we've had for years, contrary to the Left's protestations. But my point is this: Were the Left and Right to SHUT UP and LISTEN to each other, make a point, prove it with facts, really pay attention and STOP using Climate Change for reasons other than health and safety, stop using climate to destroy our economy, etc., we're getting NOWHERE.

    1. Agree Z. Good summation also.

      Left and right listen to each other ? :-)

    2. Well, you know me....I can DREAM :-)

  2. Following comment from my friend Mustang that blogger said was too long, so I'll break it up.

    I don’t know when Sagan testified before congress or how old he was when he offered his views; he was only 62 years old when he died — from pneumonia as a complication of blood cancer (as I understand it). I assume he was not a “kid” when he spoke to Congress. He was mature, well educated, thoughtful, and had good intentions surrounding his misplaced concerns.

    Educationally, he trained as a geneticist, a chemist, and a physicist. He focused on physics for his master’s degree and earned his Ph.D. in astronomy and astrophysics. In 1958, Sagan worked with Gerard Kuiper on a USAF project which involved detonating a nuclear weapon on the Moon. This is not only “incredible” but just another among many reasons that I have never trusted the military’s scientific projects. Remember, the Air Force first came up with the idea of using Agent Orange to defoliate Vietnam — which didn’t work out to anyone’s benefit. Idiots.

    As it turned out, Sagan “leaked” classified information concerning Project A119 (the moon project), not because he was concerned that the USAF had lost it, but because he wanted an additional scholarship from the University of California. This “leak” was never made public until after he died, but it did get him into Berkeley.

    His work with NASA and RAND opened doors for him at Harvard (assistant professorship), which later denied him tenure because he failed to concentrate on his academic studies ... his knowledge, Harvard argued, was “too broad” for a full professorship. It was after this that he joined Cornell University.

  3. Mustang comment part 2.

    His expertise at Cornell remained broad — Professor of Planetary Studies. This is only important because people today want to credit Sagan with expertise in astronomy, cosmology, astrophysics, astrobiology, science communications, and planetary science. I will say that he was conversant in those things but never developed expertise in them. He was, at best, a planetary generalist. He was not an earth scientist and had no expertise in meteorology, climate dynamics, synoptics, technical computing, or any focus on mathematics.

    Dr. Sagan firmly believed the things he told congress — I am sure. But Dr. Sagan was 100% incorrect in many of his assertions. We should acknowledge that “being wrong” is at least 3/4 of scientific reality. Most hypotheses never make it to the theory stage, and only a few theories advance to “demonstrated fact.”

    And here is where I would place the juxtaposition of Carl Sagan. Part I is that he first complained (and I completely agree) that one danger in our country is that the politicians, bureaucrats, and executives are the very people who will make critical “final decisions” that will impact expenditures, quality of life, the health and safety of future generations, are people who cannot THINK scientifically. Because these politicians and executives are primarily trained as lawyers, they have no idea whether scientists (like Sagan) are bullshitting them or if they have simply taken the wrong path of a scientific argument.

    In Part II, Sagan complained that these congressmen “didn’t get it.” I submit that had these congress critters “gotten it,” Sagan would have been excused within the first five minutes of his presentation. He would not have survived the “vetting” process or his answer to the question, “What are your areas of expertise, again?”

    It has never occurred to any member of Congress that a Ph.D. in gerontology doesn’t know a damn thing about earth science, oceanography, or weather phenomena. Why would Congress give any credibility to such persons? Because what politicians are looking for is solutions, not science. This is how it is possible to convince Congress that it’s a good idea to set off an atomic explosion on the Moon. Yeah ... great idea, doctoral candidate Sagan. And a great idea about how to waste government money on windmill farms that are responsible for killing millions of insect-eating birds. The point is that of the thousands of scientists who support climate change theory, maybe ten have any scientific knowledge or expertise in meteorology and planetary science.

    My final burst of energy: Is the ice melting in the South Pole? Yes. Why? Because there is a volcano under the icecap. What can we do about that? Nothing — and most assuredly, opting to drive an electric car is not going to change anything in Antarctica.

    GREAT POST, Kid.

  4. Mustang, You know a lot more about Sagan than I do.

    I also believe that Sagan meant well. An interesting note related to his fields of study... I know climate science has a name, Climatology, but I sure don't believe that science has any credibility whatsoever.

    Again, I wonder if he had any idea of government's ability to take such an idea and use it to exploit the populations of the Earth for their own gratification. He would probably have found that truth so disgusting that he would not have testified like this to congress.

    It's pretty easy for me to see at this point that government (like most people I guess) first come up with an agenda, then look around for enough supporting evidence, real or good sounding enough, to execute their agenda. It's all they do. They are not proactive about anything and even if they were, they are totally incompetent to handle anything. Look what they've done to education, immigration, social security, medicare, health care, the legal system et al, the damn Post Office for God's sake being a complete economic and performance disaster along with everything else.

    Covid being their most evil BS story to date in the sense that a virus with a 99.97% survival rate is Not a pandemic. We're stuck with it all though because as far as I can tell, very few people are able to look at the American landscape and make any sense of it whatsoever.

    1. PS, Thank you for your comment, and the compliment also :)

    2. Did you guys know this administration wants military vehicles to be electric, too? As someone said to that "OH, yes, because there are electric charging stations everywhere we've been involved with in the Middle East and elsewhere." You can't make up the idiocy of the Biden Handlers.

    3. That is just all nonsense talk Z, directed at the idiots sitting around wringing their hands over the climate. Nothing they say is true unless it involves the destruction of America.
      Like obama's 'fundamentally change America'. What idiots thought that was a good idea. There was nothing fundamentally wrong with the place.

    4. EVERYTHING this Biden Bunch says is NONSENSE TALK......and ya, there was and IS nothing fundamentally needing change in America............If Obama isn't pulling Biden's puppet strings, nobody is....and that's not true. :-(

    5. Democrat standard operating procedure they've been dong for decades. Play to the morons and dependents and create division for misdirection.
      An interesting side to that is the dems will just throw something out like "fundamental change" without any details whatsoever knowing the idiots will fill in the blanks for themselves. Remember the black chick on TV after obama got elected "Oh, I'm so happy ! I won't have to pay my mortgage or put gas in my car !!!" lol
      That's how effing stupid some people are.
      Just for clarification, I don't see 'obama' or 'biden' as the problem even though they did and are doing lots of damage to the middle class who build and pay for everything (nice huh), I see the democrat party as the problem, followed very closely by the republican party, followed closely by this population of idiots.

  5. As I suggested, the problem with Congress is that they don’t think like scientists; few people do, and that’s part of why our country is so horribly messed up. Most people do not know how to test the things they hear from a wide range of sources, to know if they can trust that information, or whether it’s just plain hooey. There are people who think that if they see something on Twitter, it must be true. God help us! But the politicians are the worst. They don’t want science; they want solved problems and credit for solving them. And if they can’t solve problems, they’ll be very happy to just kick the can down the road. Hey, whatever it takes to get reelected. And this is why I don’t think the U.S.A. can survive more than a few more years. We’re done. If you don’t believe me, stick a fork in ...

    1. Mustang, the only idea I have for saving this place involves neural neutralizers and force fields around some states. Oh, and lots of beautiful women.

  6. It's just another ruse to gin up fear and greater reliance on government to abate the source of that fear.
    Can they? No, but they can keep taking your money to try. And force you to comply.

    1. Exactamundo Ed. And they do it year after year after decade.

  7. Great post and comments... its difficult to add anything of merit. I would only add that Rachael Carson as well started this long march with her "Silent Spring" in the seventies. Which of course led to the banning of DDT and the likely estimated deaths of 50 million souls and saved precious little if anything of our environment. Another testament of what politicians can do to us when they ply their trade when ignorant.

  8. Great post and comments... its difficult to add anything of merit. I would only add that Rachael Carson as well started this long march with her "Silent Spring" in the seventies. Which of course led to the banning of DDT and the likely estimated deaths of 50 million souls and saved precious little if anything of our environment. Another testament of what politicians can do to us when they ply their trade when ignorant.

    Interesting that I had to go through a metal detector to watch the first YouTube... Warning.... dangerous..

    1. I agree completely Bunk. IMO, things like this are done to produce profits for relative companies. DDT, Freon ban, etc. Money is at the center. Now with DDT, did the people that made this happen have genocidal intentions to people massively affected by Malaria? Easily possible.
      I've never heard of Rachael, but it could be she had good intentions but if it was just Rachael's agenda nothing would have happened with DDT. Her activism if that's what is was queued some people in government(s) to use it to their advantage. I believe this is true of almost all environmental activity sponsored or forced on us by government. In short, they don't give. shit about anything unless it puts money in their pocket.

    2. Bunk, the Blue Dot vid. I just clicked on it and see that it says it could be offensive to some audiences. I vote to find those who it offends and begone with them expediently.

  9. The great War on Weather! And what do wars do, make heaps of money for people on the right end of the stick. OK, we get it, more or less, but millions and millions don't, at all. Man, what a successful psyop. I'll go a step further, genius level PR.