Friday, January 10, 2020

Tommy's Life As A One Man Band


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    1. He put the work in Z. This is what I wanted to be at 13, but I just wasn't obsessed enough and that's what one needs. Tommy's my age.

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    1. No one better LSP. Puts on a fantastic show also.

  3. The word GENIUS must have been coined to describe the man. The same must be true of AWE-INSPIRING.

    I believe our friend Z knows tht I am a well-trained classical pianist with considerable accomplisments to my credit. I have worked for seventy years to try to develop nd improve the talent God gave, and the the work HAS paid off as several recordings I have made now posted on YouTube should attest, BUT I could work for a THOUSAND YEARS and never be able to produce anything that approaches hte MIRACULOUS accomplishments of Tommy Emmanuel.

    I've always favored classial music from my earliest years, but TOMMY has brought the art of arranging popular tunes and composing material of his own to SUCH great heights I can only say now that Tommy Emmanuel is one of THE greatest musical geniuses ever to emerge in the history of Western Music –– a span of about ONE-THOUSAND years.

    Tommy belongs in a class with composers Domenico Scarlatti, Franz Josef Haydn, Feix Mendelssohn, Franz Liszt, Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, the uniquely gifted pianist Vladimir Horowitz, and the organist Virgil Fox, who did more to bring recognition of the great classics of the organ literature out of the Church and into the Concert Hall where his playing fascinated millions.

    The most remarkable thing of all about Tommy, however, must be his totally relaxed, sweet, completely unaffected, genial personality onstage. The man may have worked lke a Trojan all his life, but he's a true NATURAL –– a phenomenon like the Great Lakes, the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, the Redwoods of California, and the Glaciers that make up Antarctica..

    I've said this before, and will oubtless say it again, "I owe YOU a big Debt of Gratitude for bringing this uniquely wonderful person to my attention, Kid..

    1. Tommy has a gift from God and he uses it to entertain us. This is what he would say and it makes his life the best it can be.

  4. I dn't mean to slight chet Atins to whom Tommy very graciously gives a ton of credit, but I've listened to both, and as something of an expertin the field, myself, have to say that, despite Chet's acknowledged greatness and originality, TOMMY has far exceeded the accoplishments of his idol.

    The modesty and generosity Tommy displays towards his colleagues –– a rare thing in th world of Performance Art –– only underscores and magnifies Tommy's greatness.

    Yeah, I'm a FAN!

    1. Franco, Chet scores big based on his technical perfection of play and body of work, from country to classical, but Tommy does stand out. Tommy recorded Gameshow Rag/Cannonball Rag in Chet's home studio to Chet and Jerry Reed and at the end they both got on their knees and did the bow down thing with hands fanning up and down for Tommy.

      Gameshow Rag

      No One Else can play this as perfect. Chet - What'd I say

    2. For anyone not in the know. All if this is 10 fingers, six strings, one guitar and no overdubs.