Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Looks Angry To Me

But you never know.  Could be a scowl towards the d☭mocrats..

I report - You decide.

Click the pic


  1. Sorry, Kid. I see no anger there –– only beauty.

    It looks more like DIAMOND to me than anything else.

    1. Interesting Franco, I don't see a diamond but who cares right?

  2. By the way, Kid, I've published the long ong list of Persian Trump's many positive accomplishments at my blog today.

    I gave YOU full credit for providing the informatin in the first place, but laid out in print in a decent format it looks tremendously impressive, whih it is.

    Sothanks gain for that. I think i'sVITALLY important that we keep emphasizing, and praising Mr. Trump's VIRTUES. Most of us on the Right hve too great a tendency to emhasize the FAULTS of his TORMENTORS.

    I think that's not very bright, bcause it only expands THEIR visibity to a gullible, poorly informed public.

    1. Your most welcome Franco. You make good points too.