Monday, January 13, 2020

The Flaming Queen, No Wait.. The Flaming STAR Nebula

Click the pic.  Read the description, click again for high resolution image to explore.  For Pete's Sake Folks, you must know how this works by now.  If you ever want to have sex again, follow my instructions above.


  1. A spiky-headed dinosaur with shiny blue teeth, and a long, smooth, giraffe-like neck?

    Not a friendly looking apparition!

  2. Wat happend to my comment likening this image to OLLIE, the friendly, lovable dragon of the Kukla, Fran and Ollie show created by actor, comoser and master puppetteer Brurr Tilstrom who played all the characters, except for Fran who was the lovey Fran Allison, a character acress and comedienne who first became fampus for playing "Aunt Fanny" on on Mcneil's Breakfast Cub –– a opular mornung radio show from the 1940's –– a warm, friendly, cheerful, encouraging way to start th rday, which I remember very well frm my childhood –– and frnkly still miss.

    Anyway the Hubble iage really does resemble the ovable dragon OLLIE, but it ALSO oould be interpreted as menacing.

    Depends on your mood, I guess.


    1. I never saw that comment Franco. I remember that character.

    2. Hmmmmm! I must be getting older than I think I am, Kid.

      Mabe I just THOUGHT that yesterday, and never actually typed it in, but I could SWEAR . . .

      Oh well, never mind. Shit Happens all the time, and there's never a good explanation for it.

      Justyso you know for sure: I wasn't accusing you of anything, Kid. I' mjust not a big fan of mysteries –– especialy when h involve me, tat's all. ;-)

      Glad you remember Kukla, Fran and Ollie. I loved it when I was aalittle fellow. A amazing hing I never knew till I looked it up yesterday The show NEVER HAD A SCRIPT. The whole thing was improvised LIVE in front of the cameras.

      Those were great days.

    3. Improv? That's impressive Franco. Naw no worries about anything else.

  3. I haven't visited these blogs on a regular basis.
    I have now noticed the address bar- has a lock with a
    red forward slash thru it.
    Hovering over the lock - a warning shows saying,
    "Connection Not Secure".
    Blogger - going Down HILL Fast?
    I like seeing the Nasa Pics of the Day; especially
    I like going back to the pic of the day-of yester year.
    Some real good pics; if one has the time to flounder in
    the wayback list.

    Are we safe on these here blogs?

    1. Anon, Are we safe? I have no idea.

    2. Safety in any physical sense may always have been an illusions –– a dream –– a fantasy born of wishful thinking, guys, but there really is a higher form of "safety" in constantly trying to maintain SANITY and a lively instinct to want to reach out to give aid and comfort the helpless (for Heaven's sake OPT a STRAY KITTEN!), and try to brighten the lives of others –– even if they appear o resent it, and rudelyreject you.

      Happiness –– and a kind of 'safety" –– come when you begin to forget yourself in the desire to help others.

      It cn be as simple nd s easy as being cheerful and courteous to everyone who crosses your path, however briefly. Don't worry whether they RETURN you kindness or not, just OFFER it FREELY, and YOU will feel lighter, stronger and more hopeful;.

      Sound corny?

      Maybe, but I'm here to tell you IT WORKS.

      Just don't make the ll-too-commn missal of conflating BOSSINESS with being HELPFUL. –– that's what the Marxists have done, and why THEY have added greatly to the world's store of misery.and deprivation. };^)>

    3. yP! Te quintessential appeal of th Left is their shameless pandering to everyone's secret, unarticulated, but never;ess all too real desire to RETURN to

      the WOMB,

      the CRIB,

      the NURSERY

      and ROMPER ROOM.

      People who fall for the Marxian line don't WANT to bcomee ADULT human beings. They'd prefer to remain BABIES

      And probably (if they have any sense at all!) to be treated like PAMPERED PETS owned by the GUVVAMINT.

      Why else do you think th crap we get from the "ENTERTAINMENT" INDUSTRY" as become increasingly chidish and INFANTILE since the 1950's?

  4. I see a koala and a platypus in the center of that roiling mess. Hope they're ok.

    1. Also cats and squirrels DaBlade. Not to worry, they are all emotional support animals for the big friendly dragon.

    2. I don't fancy chowing down on a roasted KANGAROO either, even if her coat WAS all singed off before the roaring inferno got to the meat.

    3. SERIOUSLY: I've shed TEARS thinking how those hundreds of thousands of poor defenseless animals must hage suffered in this conflagration before they died.

    4. Franco, I've read 500 million animals. The arsonists should be tortured for months then killed after they beg to be killed.

    5. Followed by every moron blaming climate change for this..

  5. Oh my, a flaming queen. And I was just about to sideways at Hussein when I realised it was a STAR Nebula. Thank God for that.

    Speaking of Queens, whatever happened to Huma, aka DJINN.

    1. LSP, Imagine Huma married to a pedophile and also having to lick the clinton beast on the side. I'll send you some eye wash.

    2. PS - Not that I feel any sympathy for the Huma creature.