Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Dynamo - Magician Impossible.

This guy is MENTAL !

There are lots of vids of him.  He likes to do street magic with people he runs into. The vids are usually in the 46 minute range, this one is 12:36 and a great introduction to the guy.

I've seen other magicians do some of the tricks, especially the card stuff, but this guy does stuff I've never seen.  It's almost supernatural. You think it's a setup somehow but the people's reactions tell me he's actually doing this stuff.

On youtube, just put Dynamo magician in the search.  I've ran across a couple where the video quality is unwatchable, but most are good.


Here is a longer one in India

youtube Sucks.  You'll have to reset the India one back to the beginning.


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    1. I'd have left your comment if you hadn't included a link..

  2. Kid, I think you might appreciate this CLASSICAL guitar selection:

    Sevilla by Isaac Albania played by John Williams who is one of the very greatest classical guitarists ever known

    Give i a whirl, and let me knoe hat you think, please.

    1. Nice tune Franco. Some emotion in the piece and more importantly (for me) enough complexity in the melody to keep it interesting.

      Here's one back at you.