Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Things Are Getting Hinky at North Korea HQ !

Kim: General Wang, Come Qrick !

GW: I'm here Dearest Leader !

K: How was vacation at DPRK Comfort Women Resort ?
GW: Fantastic Great Leader ! Sung Ho had such special way of..

K: I'm Knows it Long Time General Wang. But enough about that.  Greatest Tweeter Rearry Plissng me Off !  I'm got more rockets on way.  Where do I shoot next one ?

GW: Points to map.  Kenya !  Only have spears to fight back with !

K: No, Great Tweeter probably rike that.  I thinking Golf Course at Mar-a-Rago place where Trump hide from American medias.

K: General Wang, how can possibly American peoples defeat DPRK when stupid bastards fixated on First lady wearing High Heels to flood zone ?   What the Fluck wrong with these peoples.  No way can they defeat DPRK !

GW: I'm knows it Greatest Leader.  Maybe Trap created by liberal pukes like john McStain who call you crazy you know what.  I can't even say it brilliant leader.

K: Damn good thing General Wang!  Would mean no more trips to DPRK Comfort Zone!   GW: Gulp!

K: General Wang, Consult with non transgender DPRK generals and get back to me tomorrow on new target for ICBM rocket, maybe armed with Nukler warhead or not. Will be biggest Surprise !


  1. East Asia ... the only place in the world where Wang means computer.

    1. Mustang, There are Many Mucho Beau Coup Wangs in N Korea. In Korean Wang translates to Dipstick.

  2. Did you know that 75% of all Japanese ophthalmologists have cataracts?

    The rest drive Rincolns.

    Get it? Oh, never mind...

    1. Prease exprain hinkey. Wakarimasen.

    2. Hinkey: Scared to death extortion procedure in place since 1955 or so not going to work for at least net 8 years to get money from dumb clucks of USA.