Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Remembering.... Roger Miller

Start at 2:33


  1. King of the Road... nice remembrance...

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    1. Z, Oct 25, 1992


    2. Kid...how's comes yer links aren't hot? Shouldn't they be "clikable'? Does ya have ta turn sumthin' on?

    3. IMP, Blogger doesn't make them hot like most other comment sections do. And I was too sick and lazy yesterday to add the HTML to make it hot.

  3. Oh. 1992....well, nice to remember, that's for sure :-)

  4. He knew how to craft a tune.
    Made C&W accessible to a lot of us northeners.

    1. Ed, Yes, a unique talent. Back before modern C&W destroyed C&W music. Now they just play the same tune with different lyrics.

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    1. Thanks, Kid. I was never a fan, but I recognize and respect "UNIQUITY" when I see and hear it. };^)>

      The poor guy didn't live very long, and from what I read he abused himself with drugs, booze and endless cigarettes. Had three wives and several kids. Not a great personal life, but that's probably true of most performers, unless they are TRULY great like Tommy Emmanuel.

    2. FT, Dad has some of his records. King of the Road is one I remember. Yea, he did lots of drugs and would tell you so himself according to those who knew him personally like Chet Atkins. Tommy is still going strong. We're about the same age, and he has some real energy.

  6. OK, I recognized all those songs but could never have named the dude. Now I can! Chug a lug!

    1. DaBlade, I never knew he could play so well. Most of these guys played a few chords just so they could hold a guitar and sing. This guy could play.

  7. Retired Marine Col. Jeffery Powers Open Letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about players kneeling during the United States national anthem reappeared on social media:


    I’ve been a season pass holder at Yankee Stadium, Yale Bowl and Giants Stadium.

    I missed the ’90-’91 season because I was with a battalion of Marines in Desert Storm. 14 of my wonderful Marines returned home with the American Flag draped across their lifeless bodies. My last conversation with one of them, Sgt Garrett Mongrella, was about how our Giants were going to the Super Bowl. He never got to see it.

    Many friends, Marines, and Special Forces Soldiers who worked with or for me through the years returned home with the American Flag draped over their coffins.

    Now I watch multi millionaire athletes who never did anything in their lives but play a game, disrespect what brave Americans fought and died for. They are essentially spitting in the faces and on the graves of real men, men who have actually done something for this country beside playing with a ball and believing they’re something special! They’re not! My Marines and Soldiers were!

    You are complicit in this!

    You’ll fine players for large and small infractions but you lack the morale courage and respect for our nation and the fallen to put an immediate stop to this.

    Yes, I know, it’s their 1st Amendment right to behave in such a despicable manner. What would happen if they came out and disrespected you or the refs publicly?

    I observed a player getting a personal foul for twerking in the end zone after scoring. I guess that’s much worse than disrespecting the flag and our National Anthem. Hmmmmm, isn’t it his 1st Amendment right to express himself like an idiot in the end zone? Why is taunting not allowed yet taunting America is ok? You fine players for wearing 9-11 commemorative shoes yet you allow scum on the sidelines to sit, kneel or pump their pathetic fist in the air. They are so deprived with their multimillion dollar contracts for playing a freaking game! You condone it all by your refusal to act. You’re just as bad and disgusting as they are. I hope Americans boycott any sponsor who supports that rabble you call the NFL. I hope they turn off the TV when any team that allowed this disrespect to occur, without consequence, on the sidelines. I applause those who have not.

    Legends and heroes do NOT wear shoulder pads. They wear body armor and carry rifles.

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    I hope that your high paid protesting pretty boys and you look in that mirror when you shave tomorrow and see what you really are, legends in your own minds. You need to hit the road and take those worms with you!

    Time to change the channel.

    Col Jeffrey A Powers USMC(ret)

  8. IT'S NOT RELEVANT to ROGER MILER, I KNOW, but I just HAVE to share it, I'm so ticked off at the G-D MORONS who run the GOP.

    Very frankly I'm just DYIN'
    To see Paul RYAN
    I am hopin' and not LYIN'
    To see who gets the first kick VYIN.'

    In case you haven't hearfd, Ryan came out against Pfresident Trump's Pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. That makes him a sunken' rotten CREEP. I hope the lousy bastard gets kicked out with with HOB-NAILED BOOTS.


  9. FT, I want to see McChuckles go down in flames, then Ryan, then Flake, Then Collins, Murkowski and down the line with these asshole politicians. They don't give a F about America or Americans.

  10. And one of my personal favorites:

    You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd.

    When I was growing up, my best friend and I followed every song that Roger Miller released -- because her father and Roger Miller could have passed for identical twins.

    1. AOW, I don't think I ever heard that one. Yep. Rough life.

  11. I just checked Roger Miller's bio on Wiki. A rough start to life -- that's for sure.