Friday, September 1, 2017

Assistance Please - A Guest Post by Mustang

I favor immigration test questions according to self-identified culture, ethnicity, or region of origin.  
Of course, many of the answers would have to be based on the honor system, but under most situations, well-trained immigration bureaucrats should, at the completion of the examination, be able to determine whom they should grant an entry visa to the United States. 

Proposed Test:
  • Immigrants from the Middle East 
    • Can you count to three?  
    • What are the preferred condiments for a roast pork sandwich?  
    • Explain the concept of monogamy.  
    • Have you ever stoned a family female for talking back?  Did she deserve it?
  • Immigrants from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland 
    • Do you have a sense of humor?  
    • Without any reference at all to Angela Merkel, what is the funniest joke you ever heard?
  • Immigrants from East Asia 
    • Identify at least five dates in the past 30-days when you weren’t angry enough to kill someone with your bare hands. 
    • provide the names of witnesses whose name does not end in a vowel.
  • Immigrants from Central America 
    • Should the United States return California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Texas to Mexico?  
    • Have you ever eaten anyone’s heart?  
    • Have you ever had a tattoo composed mostly of numbers or in combination with the letter Z?  
    • Have you ever seen an image of Jesus in a tree limb?
  • Immigrant from New York, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Birmingham, Jackson, Miami 
    •  Who’s your Daddy?  Please limit your responses to no more than three.  
    • Would you vote for someone in return for access to government benefits?  
    • Please explain Kwanza. 
What other queries can be added to these tests to be sure we only let the truly great into our wonderful country?


  1. 'THE LETTER Z?" That got my attention!
    As for the others...I was going to list my faves but every single one is FANTASTIC. I absolutely LOVED this post....well done, Mustang! Well done posting it, Kid! :-)

    1. Z, You'll have to inquire with Mustang on the letter Z thing.

      Very happy you enjoyed it as much as I Z. :)

  2. George Clooney who is another extremely rich liberal idiot who talks out of both sides of his mouth at the same time claims the anger captured in his 1950s-based movie reflects the anger he sees today, for which he blames President Trump. Keep in mind that in 1950, Donald Trump was 4 years old.
    This movie will flop just like his last few, at least lets hope so. . We go to movies for Entertainment not political indoctrination. He fits in well with traitorous Jane Fonda types!

    “A lot of us are angry,” he said. “Angry at ourselves, angry at the way the country is going, angry at the way the world is going. It’s probably the angriest I have ever seen the country, and I lived through Watergate. There is a dark cloud hanging over our country right now.”
    He like the other phoney Hollywood idiots such as Robert Deniro, Rosie O’Donnall, Barbra Streisand, Harry Belefonte, and many others has shown how fake - just like the media - the movie persona is versus the reality one. That's the reality show holy wood never shows. He stands next to a rip off con artist hillbillary and poses with a shid-eating grin for all the leftist chumps. He turns out to be a stage prop just like deniro far far from the persona of the movies
    George Clooney is right: A lot of people are angry right now. Angry that illegal immigration costs U.S. taxpayers $113 billion a year, according to FAIR (the Federation for American Immigration Reform). We’re angry that Islamist terrorist attacks are now an accepted part of daily life across Europe, and increasingly, in the U.S.
    People are angry that Democrats continue to sow racial animus with their unrelenting focus on divisive identity politics. And they’re angry that Barack Obama doubled the national debt and enabled welfare dependency to soar during his tenure.

    And do you know who else is angry? George Clooney’s neighbors in Lake Como, Italy. Why? Because thanks to pro-refugee globalists like him and his Muslim-born wife Amal Alamuddin, the upscale resort town was destroyed by a barrage of refugees.

    Residents complained that their once-pristine streets were littered with trash and human waste and overrun by homeless, unemployed refugees from Muslim regions in North Africa and the Middle East.

    George and Amal have vocally encouraged Europe and the United States to take in as many refugees as possible from war-torn Muslim regions in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and North Africa.
    Like other celebrity hypocrites, Clooney says one thing publicly but does another privately. The actor has repeatedly trashed Trump’s calls for sovereign nations to protect their borders and properly vet refugees from known hotbeds of Muslim terrorism.

    Lol! That Hideous clown-faced Vogue editor criticizes Melania Trump’s fashion choices

    Yet Clooney has never housed a single refugee in his many mansions, nor does he live without tall gates protecting his lavish properties. Good ole George has perfected the leftist talent for lip service and virtue-signaling.