Sunday, August 20, 2017

Shocking Revelation Regarding Mitch McConnel and Nancy Pelosi's Sexual Activities

If you've been wondering where these ridiculous facial expressions come from as I have, the images above were captured as Nana, then McChuckles alternately snuck up behind the other and rammed something up each others butt.  They enjoy the sexual hyjinx so !   How Cute !
 (Maxine Waters has been trying to get in on this action for decades, but no ceegar, not even from bubba clinton.)

What fun for them.  Isn't it cute !

Here is a rare pic of them planning their next tete a' tete

And look how cute these pics are - like toddlers anxious to look inside each other's undies.

Here is Mitch completely taken with and lusting over Nana's hind quarters  It even looks like he is drooling doesn't it?

And that look on Nana's face, knowing she has her little slave boy right where she wants him !

But she has her weaknesses too.  Watch as she seems to have her eyes glued to Mitch's backside.

What an Adorable Extramarital couple !

- Andrea Mitchell (reporting for Wolfey Blitzkreig who has had to be restrained in a straight jacket and is undergoing shock therapy after all attempts at removing DJ Trump as President have failed miserably.)

You may be wondering about Mr Pelosi and Mrs McChuckles.  Not to worry.  Mrs Mitch has pool and stable boys to keep her mind off the Mitch/Nana hyjinks and Mr Pelosi has a tri-weekly standing appointment at the Bunny Ranch, just southwest of Tahoe, NV.  All of it paid for by you the American taxpayer.


  1. Here is Mitch completely taken with and lusting over Nana's hind quarters

    That's a scary thought!

    1. AOW, I think the whole thing is scary. And be thankful I only released certain details !

    2. I figured that you might have held back some details. For example, that John Boehner served as Pelosi's pimp.

    3. Kid, both you and now AOW have scarred me for life. Ewww.

    4. Flowers and meadows will not undo the damage you two have wreaked... alcohol and hard drugs is all I have now ;)

  2. Kid....very cool for you to dig up these pics of the two masters of symbolism and fraud. I've never seen more dishonest people that we have in Congress. And their low polling points of 18% favorable ( which has to be the congress-rats office staffs ) and out and out hate for each other... that all of them manage to mask day in and day out.

    Throw in the most rotten bastards of all of the 535 bastards like McCain and Lindsay and we have a need to surgically Lance one and perform a national enema for the other. Why they don't get it that the country hates them is the clearest sign that they don't give a RATS AS HOW BADLY THEY HURT US. All that counts is their own selfish personal agendas.

    I think we ought to start naming names and make good use of that second amendment before it's made illegal by an act of congress. I remember as a kid during those long, hot, backseat 3 day rides from Jersey to Florida. And once we crossed the Mason Dixon line, there began the miles and miles of huge billboards screaming out in huge letters....IMPEACH EARL WARREN. Who was Earl Warren? We all can find out easily so I'm not going to explain for ya. He was hated in the south and rightly so IMO.
    But...we ought to do revise the twitter of it's time again. I know what I'd and millions of other southerners would like to say about the desecration of our heritage and heroes who gave their lives for a noble cause ( too bad,I said it ), for their homes, and way of life. And it had a lot to do with their agrarian culture that fed and clothed millions, including the north.

    Today our biggest problem is those who insist on judging the 18th or 19th centuries by 21st century values. By cooking the books and purging history to suit what would be illegal and impossible...TODAY!.
    History, whether good or bad needs to be out on display in an open, fearless and unafraid, truly free society. But lets face it...we're no longer free.

    Back over on a Geez page said this regarding California splitting into 3 separate entities or states I'd hope so for a few reasons but mainly one that lessens their impact on our elections. That's a big thing to all of us considering how insane they are by waving that popular vote win for her would be majesty, crooked Hillary. Our very own WAX AND PLASTIC MODEL OF Marie Antoinette.

    You said...Irreconcilable differences...and that's EXACTLY WHAT WE HAVE...a once prosperous country...TOTALLY SPLIT IN HALF...GOOD VS EVIL...PURE AND SIMPLE.

    THE DEMS HAVE FINALLY BEEN UNMASKED AS DOMESTIC TERRORISTS THAT TRULY WARRANT A DIVORCE..And before any more furniture gets thrown around the room. This is what I like about Trump...we know damn well he'd call a spade a spade and probably call out a few divisions to surround Baltimore,LA ,Chi-congo and a few other nasty, lawless demrat terribly bad criminal enterprises.

    I think it's best to un mask them as the true slave traders. And I hope we can get 100,000 like minded people to sign that petition that just went up. Cause man...if we can't...we're in worse trouble that I'd have ever thought! And I'd like to see Congress get real noisy and drop the phony "gentlemen" acts...and see Cruz pound the shit out of McPain. Kind of like they do in Britains Parliament on good days but it's limited to barbed tongues. We should allow them to have duels instead.

    Thanks for allowing me into your house to rant and providing me with a good strong sipping whiskey .You're a good host.

    1. IMP, Thanks so much. Love having you here with your thoughts, which are always on target and explosive. Makes me wonder just how stupid many of the others in this country are. Zombie stupid. Let's see, obama's agenda was the first target, rinos and dems are up on the firing line now. I think a split or a civil war is inevitable now. Just a matter of time.

      Imagine... clinton in the WH. My knees still knock

  3. What I want to know ... what I demand to have an answer to, is how MSNBC gained access to your blog. I want an immediate investigation about this. Now I have to go and clean out my brain with Clorox.

    1. Mustang, In a weak moment, Madcow promised me shower selfies in return for unrestricted access. We all make mistakes.

  4. If Bad Breath had a face, it would look just like Mitch McConnell.

    Nanny Pelousy looks like a Vampire who sleeps all day in a coffin before draining taxpayers blood away eachnight.

    John McCain is certainly one of Satan's own. His soul has been possessed by the Devil for decades.

    Paul Ryan looks okay but his insides stink of rot. He's a whited sepulcher. They ALL are.

    The white-columned beauty of Washington, D.C. is just a thin veneer covering wickedness and stupidity beyond imagining.

    1. FT, Wouldn't change a word ! And you could add to this list. Here's a question. Why does Mitch's breath smell like Nana's butt? Rhetorical but of course Monsieur.

  5. between you and Mustang- I experienced an extended LOL LOL LOL

    1. C-CS, Nice to know you're laughing ! Good to give people something these days especially.