Saturday, August 12, 2017

Things Are Heating Up For the DPRK and America USA

A Guest Post by Mustang with Minor Tweaking by Kid.
 (Pics of Mustang and Kid follow)


General LingDing - (Assistant to Greatest Leader Advisor General Wang who is on vacation at DPRK Comfort Women Service Resort)  (GD)
General Ling Ding

Comfort Women Resort

GD: Brilliant Reader, Great Tweeter say he destroy DPRK in 30 minutes !

Kim Jong:  Gen LingDing, Send Tweet Reply - We destroy all of USA in 25 minutes.

GD: Trump say “Fire and Fury” more than ever seen in Galaxy.

KJ:  Oh shit.  Now rut? Do I have to Think of Every Damn Thing around here !?

GD:  Greatest News Great Reader ! American Senator say America should give DPRK anything they want.....  No forget it, it's that insane idiot Madamoiseltard Waters... SO Solly Brilliant Leader !!  Prese to not Kill Me.

Mad Maxine

GD:  How about Rat him out to Andrea Mitchell.

KJ:  What will that accomplish?

GD:  Trump plenty scared of Mitchell.  She has face only American Rodent can love.

KJ:  Everybody afraid of that bitch.  Afraid of waking up beside her !  Ho Ho HO..

GD: HO Ho HOs !  I'm knows it Greatest Leader!  I have nightmares.

GD:  I think we send fake news story to MSNBC ... maybe to Rat Cow, you know, that dog who likes sex with other dogs ... say we offered to help resolve this issue but Trump administration, unlike enlightened and very nice administration of Clinton, Bush, and Obama, is hoping for war with our peaceful peoples.

KJ:  I rike so far ... then rut?

GD:  We wait until Trump Tweets something stupid, as he has done before, and then as all the American pigs are lapping it up, we nuke Guam.  We show Congressman Dopey Johnson that he was right all along, that Guam can capsize.  Then we deny we did it and blame it on faulty missile storage on Guam and demand USA taxpayer cough-up twelve billion in reparations for our ruined reputation.

KJ:  I’m riking this.  New medal for you.  What’s your name again? DingaLing? Never mind, I don’t want to know.  But then what do we do with all that American money?

GD:  Most newly medaled advisor gets five percent since it was his idea and rest goes into Supreme Leader’s orgy fund.

KJ thought balloon:  (Hmmm. Like I need money for a harem or an orgy....)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you sir. Easy to build on a good idea though.

  2. Yeah, I see Mustang's influence all over that piece.

  3. the pictures cracked me UP! That was fun!!

  4. I can't...I can't......I just can't stand this much fun anymore!! My sides tear ducts have run as dry as a female camel on a hot Sahara day and she can't service a horny Arab any longer.

    1. IMP, A camel that can't spit isn't worth much to an Arab that's for sure !

      Ok, we all take break for next post then.

  5. @POTUS has dispatched Maxine Waters to NOKO to talk to Lil Kim. After 1/2 hour with her he will drink whatever he gave to his 1/2 brother.

    — Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) August 10, 2017

    Now thats some funny shit Huckababy. Are you're HankJohnson had sex with her? he must have smoked an ounce of crack! The poor dumb bastard.

    Speaking of faces....Andrea Mitchell's looks like it was set on fire and stomped out with a few pairs of golfing shoes. On the 19th hole by her husbands rich buddies.

    1. IMP, Yea, good one by Huck.

      And that's what I heard went down at the 19th. Greenspan swears it was an accident. He says he suffers from a rare kinetic form of Tourette syndrome.

  6. Velly nice! except for Mad Maxy and American Rodent.

    1. Ok DaBlade, send me a bill for the eye bleach. Address it to Brirriant Brogger, Cincinnati, USA. Bwahahahaha. ha.