Sunday, August 27, 2017

Stevie Ray - Well It's Floodin Down in Tejas


  1. Now I KNOW this guy! We were listening to him during last week's golf round. My brother brings his portable speaker. Some might find that distracting but I like to golf jam. Last week's quiz question: Little Wing. Stevie Ray's or Jimi Hendrix' version?

    There is floodin' down in Texas. Prayers for all the good folks suffering thru.

    1. Yea DaBlade, whole lotta sufferin going on.

  2. Blogger Ruth H of Rockport Conservatives blog lived, guess where. She's in my prayers.

  3.'s HORRIBLE THERE>>>SO MANY need prayer

  4. Thanks of the greatest blues and rockabilly musicians ever. I've seen this man perform live in a couple clubs in Austin years ago....what a player this guy was. That guitar was sizzling' man.

  5. I just typed a comment and now it's gone.... so here it is boiled down - SRV got everything he wanted from his guitar. Rare.
    The greatest guitar players said Stevie was an open channel and was 'not of this world'. Like so many greats was taken by a 'small plane crash'. What's up widdat.
    Patsy Cline, Buddy Holly, Stevie, Payne Stuart, many others. Damn those small planes.