Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Continuing Conversations of Brilriant Leader and General Dong.

Brilriant Leader (BL): General Dong, you see how Donna Trump make King of Saud walk out to meet him at end of red carpet?

General Dong (GD): Yes BL, how did President Trump make that happen.?

BL: I think King of Saud watch how President trump handle Xi Kingping of China at Mar-a-Rago and he do same to make sure he get everything from Trump and not have to give anything.  I don't think it work though.  I think Trump too smart.

GD: Don't know, nobody smarter than you BL!  Did you see wife of President wear black dress in 110 degrees and wonder if she smart as husband.

BL: 110 deglees in Saudi Arabia nothing GD. No water, No humidity  110 in Saudi Arabia like 75 in Cincinnati Ohio.

BL: I'm thinks President Trump getting ready to invite me to Mar-A-Rago for Big Meeting.  Maybe I will play him game of golf for all of Kimchi buckets (But not satellites).  I remember my Father, Great Reader shoot 11 holes in one in first game.  I'm sure I can do as well since I never play before.

BL: ~~eyes drifting up and away~~  I'm wonders if anyone really like me or are everyone just afraid of me and suck ups. I'm feels so ronery right now.

GD: I'm really likes you BL. Really more than anyone !

BL: I'm thinking you also remembers when I give gift of mortor shell to Uncle on his birthday.

GD: That too BL......

BL: Take another Compriment Brilriant Leader medal GD.

GD: I'm thanks you so much again BL, but no where left to put medal...

BL: Turn around General Dong.

GD: Yeeeeoooooowch!


  1. Next time he pins a medal there, can I DO IT?!!
    Ya, it'd be REAL interesting if Trump did talk to this jerk...ugh.
    very fun, KID!!

    1. Z, I will send a communique asking for permission for you to attach the next medal. I highly recommend not going to N Korea to do it though.

      Talk? Could happen!

      Thanks Z.

  2. The plot thickens, indeed! General Dong is now fully encased in miniature compliment hubcaps. There is nowhere else for them to go, and yet if he doesn't earn another - he'll see the business end of that mortar shell for sure... maybe a tongue piercing is next? Might straighten out the general's speech. Stay tuned, same channel! :)

    1. DaBlade, no telling with these wascly Norks. Maybe Dong will have to be replaced by General Wang.

  3. Replies
    1. TS/WS no redeeming value this idiots POV. NORK? Maybe. Not worth watching beyond the 1 minute mark though.

  4. Then you have no idea what I showed this for, after 1:09 is where she shows her self.
    Sorry, I won't do it again.

    1. TS/WS, I know what you were putting on display here. A fascist calling everyone else fascist. I was saying not worth watching beyond when she start yapping for me. I've seen enough of these insane progressive self-adoring assholes to last me a lifetime. I have not more time for them personally. That I admit.

      It also bothers me that FOX/Tucker Carlson give them airtime. I don't watch Tucker or Fox, though see snippets from time to time if my wife has it on. My general opinion is that the Tucker's have people on who are as easy to defeat as dead fish in a barrel. Not my thing to sit and watch that. Feel free to express yourself through whatever medium you like here.

  5. Make this baby-faced bastawd so isorated he feew ronery enough to pick up a levorvaw and go bang bang light between his buwgy eyes and dlop dead.