Friday, May 12, 2017

Surprise Transmission Received From N Korean Comfort Women Service Parlor (CWS of DPRK)

Kim Jong Un and General Dong have arrived at the local CWS and are in process of selecting the women for today's fun and relaxation.

Kim motions to Nari-Sum-Bang (she's on the left) to come over and sit on his lap..

Bang: Oh Brilrint Reader, I so happy now that you pick me.  You are so handsome and Intelligent and  Physically Fit, it makes me want to cry!  Oh Bloo Hoos Hoos.... Ah Bloo Hoos Hoos Hoos Hoos!

Kim: Come with me little flower and I make you want to do sumting else instead....

General Dong has chosen Calista-ill-Soon (in the middle) and decides to impress her with big secrets from Kim Jong Palace.

Dong Tells Ill-Soon that only Kimche flying around in space fermenting and not to worry. He also tells her he encourages Brilliant Leader to eat cheese all day long and maybe he will die of overdose of Potassium and N Koreans will be Free of crazy fat kid.

Now is time for comfort though.  Dong tells Calista to prease be careful removing Brilliant Leader Compliments medal from fly of pants.
Dong: Yeeeeeeeeeeooowww ! 

Rest of transmission is censored.


  1. HA!! Such pretty girls...I wonder what horrors they truly HAVE suffered under slime like these guys!
    I think the Brilliant Leader needs a LOT of medals with nice, long pins on them all on the fly of his pants....!! What's the expression? "I'm sitting on pins and needles?" !!

  2. Carista say Kimchi need moah chiwee powdah! Time to waunch Nodong with necessaly supplies!

    Brirriant Readah admits the parade missiles "onry made of cahdboad". But "Nodong no ploblum" aftah fly medal misshap.

    1. Calista is one hell of a food connoiseur. If she says need moah chiwre posdah then I'm knows it.

      Yes big cardboad tubes camaflauged and paraded through downtown Pingpong.

      Some time it not pay to be too good to brilriant reader.....

      So how about this. Clinton sells missile technology to China, China gives it to N Korea. The clinton hits just keep on coming.

  3. I didn't think of that but you are absolutely right. And NK share with the izLame-O's in Iran... it's a circle of death thing with the Clintons and obamas.