Thursday, May 25, 2017

Random Thoughts

So, the GOP doesn't have the balls to just repeal obamacare and go back to a time when things were much better for the vast majority of people in America.

So, the GOP doesn't have the balls to tell the pathetic democrats that America voted for Trump's agenda and they need to sit at the kiddie table and shut up and that they won't be playing a part in legislative activity until they can somehow induce America to put them back in majority.  We know they aren't going to play a part anyway !

So, the GOP doesn't have the balls to cut planned abortion funding.  You know a video came out today with planned abortion people yukking it up about decapitating fetuses.....

So, the GOP doesn't have the balls to call the live birth and let die of a child murder.

I hope America takes notice and votes out any GOP member who they suspect of being a POS.  I don't know them all, but from publicity, I'd say Cruz and Gowdy are worth keeping around until proven otherwise.

So, when do we actually cut off funding to NATO states who do not pay their way because they have the diseased economic system called Socialism.  I say let Russia take them over.  At least Russia would purge them of their moslem invaders and eliminate another socialist entity.

Speaking of Russia - watching Russian driving/crash videos tells me a couple major things. Most Russians live in ether large apartment buildings near urban areas or single family homes in rural Russia that should be condemned and that Russia is one seriously ugly place.  You never see homes in urban areas.  No wonder 11 million (out of a 143 mil population) are moving out every year and why so many others commit suicide there.

Why does Mitch McConnell always have that stupid ass look on his face, like someone just stuffed something up his backside.

Why is the Trump administration expanding the H-2B Visa program? (resort worker types) instead of creating a vacuum of jobs needed and cutting unemployment benefits for able-bodied people in those areas ?

Why is some crazy fat kid like Kim Jong a threat to the US ?

Why does anyone even watch CNN any more other than for humor - if they think that attacking America is funny?

I see that Donald Trump and Melania held hands on their arrival in Sicily. Whew. I was getting worried.

Skydiver in wingsuit dies in California after jump goes wrong.  Why isn't there a War on Wingsuit jumpers. They die at a rate much higher proportionally to heroin uses, maybe more so.

Why can I not remember any Roger Moore James Bond movies.  I'm thinking because they sucked.

If Trump stays in the Paris climate deal, he is toast in 2020.

James Comey said he was only joshing when he testified under oath that 'No One asked me to stop any investigation'.

I'm expecting the French president Macron and the Canadian PM Treudeau to declare at any moment that they have recently discoverd they are both gay and will begin a relationship.

Elon Musk has secretly drilled a tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean and can get you from New York to Paris in 1 minute 30 seconds, using pneumatic tube technology.

NASA is going to experiment with bringing a 149 mile wide asteroid made of Nickel and Iron into near Earth orbit for mining.  They screw up and drop the thing on Iran. Yippie Kai Aiiii !

Oopsie Daisy !  GM and Fiat/Chrysler have both cheated on Emission tests for diesel vehicles.  They will be sued back to the stone age and put out of business like they should have back around 2008.  They will be replaced by non-union well paid worker shops producing Quality vehicles that don't kill you every other day or disintegrate into rust buckets in 5 years (Ram Trucks)

But Hey - the clinton beast is not in the White House and we have had significant wins with a Supreme Court addition, canceling obama crap and Conservatives being placed on Appeals Courts.


  1. You know, Kid...Voting out RINOS is inviting CLINTONS back into the WH. Who's NOT a RINO who COULD be elected by the majority of Americans? You REALLY think Conservative Republicans will take that risk? You think CRUZ had a chance of winning? That could only happen if the health care changes had looked good to most AMericans, if the Muslim travel ban had been implemented, if abortion funding in PP was stopped, if they fixed the tax problems, etc etc....and NONE of that's happening.
    "If Trump stays in the Paris climate deal, he is toast in 2020." He will NEVER LIVE IT DOWN if he stays in. Don't think the Pope didn't set him up with that pleading letter, either. (#*&$@(#$*&@(#$&*

    Excellent points, Kiddo!

    1. Z, Sorry. Voting out Rinos has to be voting In Conservatives simultaneously.

      I do think Cruz had a chance but not as much as Trump.

      Well, we will see dear friend.

      My last sentiment still stands though. :) I'd have taken just a non clinton white house on Nov 7 if offered. We've already gotten so much more.

    2. Z, PS Thank you. btw, I look more like Sean Connery by the day.... If only you would return my date requests....

    3. TOO MUCH, TOO SOON TOO DRAMATIC TOO UNSETTLING TO THE CLASS OF CONCRETE BOOTS IN CONGRESS. It scares them and the others so much that the demrat pieces of shit, especially that black asshat maxipad scumbag waste of air can now call for impeachment after 100+ damn days? W T F? I hate her guts. Then Chucklehead schemer who should have been on a boxcar for all the damage he's inflicting on the country now...and all for ego. I think someone could get a lot closer than 1600 feet too. To the two of these inhuman stains. It's really time for some serious action.

    4. IMP, It is time for new strategies and things.

      I've read where politicians believe that the worst thing they can do is make changes (unless it is adding free stuff) and that's been the unspoken rule for a long time. Unfortunately, things have gotten so bad, that change is required. You're right - the concrete boots in congress are probably having hyperventilating episodes. None of them know what the hell they're doing. They get legislation written by lobbyists and then either pass the shit or not depending on how it will affect their re-election chances. I can't picture a more dysfunctional pile of shit at the highest levels of government.

      So Trump is using his knowledge and the knowledge of other very successful people to craft change and it is probably blowing the minds of the congress.

      I see today john boehner said Trump is a disaster. I sent him a tweet - Johnny - thanks for affirming we picked the right man for the white house now run along you useless putz.

  2. you don't think I don't appreciate that SHE is not in the WH, right? YES YES YES, anything is better than HER! IF that 'anything' can even last there...

    Sean Connery..MUCH better than Roger Moore, particularly in their older years! I wouldn't do if my LIFE depended on it...but maybe for Connery :-)
    Or Mulvaney. HA!

    1. Sean is way too old now. His voice is hardly even still there. I saw an interview where he was rating the other Bond's.

  3. Enjoyed your rants Kid, but must ask what's going well for you at this point. You paint a dystopian picture. Maybe, just maybe I need to fire up a joint, since they won't stop the world and let me off!

  4. Ron, You a Waylon Jennings fan? (Stop the world..)

    Actually a lot of things are going well. I'm never angry anymore for more than a minute, just observant at this point. If you offered me just what Trump has done so far on Nov 7 and nothing more, I'd have been ecstatic to take it. Gorsuch, Other judges, Immigration stuff, EO's, Foreign Policy. On that score, I'm extremely happy.

    On the other hand, I've been around 64 years now, and neither the world or America has gotten better over the years, it has gotten worse. The technology is fantastic, but the people are F*d. I must assume it will continue to move in this wrong direction.

  5. Moonraker. But he was better as The Saint.

    1. Ed, His was always tongue in cheek, which on one level is fine, but not what I want from a Bond movie and not what Connery thought belonged in a Bond movie.

      I think Goldfinger was the best Bond movie, followed closely by Thunderball.

    2. Ed, Yes he was good as The Saint.