Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Amazing Composer/Player

I know few of you agree but in 10 years or so you will....

Bonus Tune

Shit, I can hardly listen to much else.


  1. keep me posted -- New talent is always good to know :-)

    1. C-CS, Yes, It is hard to find. Rock has sucked since 1980, I was never interested in POP and POP has only gotten to the point of being music for insects in my opinion and the rest of it seems to have morphed into some kind of country music which since around 1980 as well as sucked.

      There ain't much out there.

      If I run across some I will definitely post it. I have the vast majority of Satriani on my play list. (I downloaded all the tunes from youtube to MP3's, ran them through an MP3 editor to equalize volume and have them on a flashdrive that I stick into my car/truck audio system to play. Let me know if you want details.)

  2. BTW- I really like the "If I Could Fly "

    1. C-CS, Try out some Cataclysmic

      I think of it as the James "Chaos" Mattis tune.

    2. The word Cataclysmic is clickable.

    3. PPS, You would probably like Stars Race Across The Sky, and Goodbye Supernova more. Find on right sidebar.

  3. I can take 2 or 3 tunes but I'm an old be-bopper.

    Some discs you might try:

    Wes Montgomery - The Incredible Jazz Guitar Of Wes Montgomery

    Jim Hall & Ron Carter- Alone Together (or anything else Hall released)

    Joe Pass - Virtuoso

    Charlie Byrd & Stan Getz - Jazz Samba

    Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue

    We all need a change of pace.

    1. Duck, Appreciate the suggestions. Honestly. But I've heard all of that. Joe Pass is a great player, but it is old stuff. Even the best of old jazz bores me to tears at this point. Jazz and blues themself just bore me to tears. I have a couple blues guitar riffs on my playlist that I can still stand to listen to - Old School Blues (Mike Bloomfield?) and You Shook my Red House. Climax Blues' So Many Roads is still appreciated from time to time.
      I need New stuff, and it is not forthcoming.
      Couple Tunes I've heard that I can listen to - My Delerium (Ladyhawke) and Dissapear Here (Hybrid). Then again I don't listen to radio at all for some time now.
      The local Chili's restaurant plays 'new' stuff. It all sounds like music written for insects.