Sunday, May 14, 2017

Skin In The Game

I find it kind of incredible that anyone can accuse anyone of anything in America with no recourse for when they are lying.

The black girl and the Duke lacrosse players.
The democrats and the Russian claims.
The democrats and the Impeachment nonsense.
The lawyers and the medical industry.

I think if politicians make claims like this and they cannot produce something substantial to back it up within a certain relatively short time frame, you need to pay a price.  If this was in place, we'd have heard nothing of Russians or Impeachment.

When you sue someone and you lose your case, you need to pay all the court costs and defendant's costs.

It's insane right?  Lawyers have sued the medical industry to the point of totally FUBARing HC in America to the point that now government feels the need to get involved, guaranteeing that it will get FUBARed permanently.

If everyone had to have skin in the game it would fix so damn much.


  1. Put up or shut up comes to mind.

    1. Long story very short. Phycho chick at work dating kid 25 yrs her younger also working there. Kid finally got fed up with her after a year, broke up with her at her appt. She started punching him in the face, he grabbed her wrists, she started head butting him in the face. She calls 911. It goes to trial, the judge calls her story laughable, lets the kid off. Meanwhile he is out around 10 grand or more. And it was obvious to his friends and family at the trial, the POS prosecutor never even looked at the evidence before the trial started.

      If he had called 911 first, she might be in jail. She is guilty of assault, making false police report, perjury in court. She still working there cackling away like a psycho chick.

    2. He showed VERY poor judgment in dating a woman fifteen years his senior in the first place.

      I made the near-tragic error, myself, of letting a woman old enough to be my grandmother befriend me many years ago. She came up out of the audience after I'd finished playing a piano recital, introduced herself after giving me extravagant praise, and then invited me to her home for a weekend so I could play for her friends.

      It never occurred to me she could have any interest in me other than my ability to play the piano, which I have to say I did very well at the time.

      I guess you can guess the rest. It ended with her trying to sue me for "breach of promise," when I failed to respond as she wished to her ancient, withered "charms." UNBELIEVAbLE!

      The case never came to trim, thank heaven, but it cost me several thousand dollars in legal fees to protect myself from her delusional predatory aggression.

      A HARD LESSON in the ways of the world.

      Women can be very VERY dangerous once tbey've set their sites on you.

    3. Hell hath no fury like a wman scorned –– especially if she's an OLD woman!

      There's no fool like a YOUNG fool who allows himself to get entangled with an OLD fool.

  2. Yikes! No more dating psycho chicks at work.

    BTW...shumer, pelosi, holder, clinton and obama are colluding with North Korea, pass it on.

    1. DaBlade I will send that info back on my secure Black Label channel.

  3. Our politicians of 150 years ago changed the rules, so that everybody had a voice in how our public resources were managed, even though they had no skin in the game. They changed the laws that required that anybody who wanted to vote had to be a land holder.

    Once that law went away, the moochers and hobos came out of the wood work like cockroaches and went to work voting themselves a place in the center of the public trough.

    1. Fredd, another good point. I was thinking slimey lawyers mucking everything up, but that has done just as much damage if not more.

  4. "Democracies begin to die once the people realize they have the power to vote themselves huge sums of money from the public treasury."

    The people usually become infected with this fatal illness at the promptings of venal , charismatic politicians –– charlatans –– who seek power, adulation and great wealth at public expense.

    Democracies are most ocommonlycorrupted by the insolence of demagogues."

    ~ Aristotle (382- 322 B. C.)

  5. FT, Another thought occurs to me. The physical shape of our population. Don't know about the rest of the country but I suspect Cincinnati may be the main breeding ground for 'WalMart People'.

    You know those 400 lbrs aren't looking for work.

  6. Why aren't these liars punished? They cause decent people to have to fork over exorbitant fees for legal defense.

    What's more, almost anyone can become the victim of these grifters.

    1. AOW, It is mind boggling isn't it? The psycho chick in my comment to Ed committed at least 3 crimes, 2 of them felonies, and the kind nothing. Yet he is out 10 grand + and she is back in the office laughing and cackling like nothing happened.

      Our "justice" system is Way off the rails. This probably happens thousands of times a day.

  7. Replies
    1. PS - Many from the company were down at the trial and testify that this bitch tried real hard to put him aw2ay for 6 months (would be if found guilty) for breaking up with her skanky ass. Many of the people from the company testified Against her and for the defendant and she is able to come back in the very next day like nothing happened.
      Mental disorder? Ah Yea. I'd say if she would have had a knife in her hand when the kid broke it off, we'd be looking at another jodi arias case. Very disturbing.