Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why Yes, I Do Believe Hugo Chavez Helped Obama with The '08 Election

The Obama face in the Chavez picture says a couple things to me:
  • Thanks Bro (for helping with the election by going to the UN and calling GW Bush the Devil... and the large contributions)
  • Oh Yea, we're going to kick some ass now eh Bro? (Yea, we're going to clean up Bro!)

The Obama face in the Gordon Brown picture says
  • Ok Barak, Smile, shake the cracker's hand, get the picture and let's get this bullshit meeting over with and send this idiot back to England with the 25 DVD's in NTSC format and the two piece of crap $4.11 ea plastic Marine One replicas that Michelle grabbed out of the White House gift shop on her way to insult Mrs Brown.

That's what the pictures say to me.

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