Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why was an Ignorant Homosexual one of the Judges at a Beauty Contest

I don't know either.

It would be like having a hetrosexual judge at a Flaming Queen contest. An ignorant one. Makes no sense.

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  1. When things make no sense, it is because someone is off sides.

    In this case the homosexuals are off sides. They maneuvered Perez on to the judges bench. Then they maneuvered that question onto his sheet.
    Then they jumped all over someone for having a fucking opinion that doesn't agree with theirs.

    This is Fascism.
    This is Anti-American.
    This is Anti-Free Speech.

    Miss California did not insult gays. She expressed HER OPINION, which at present time is backed up by the vast majority of states. No Gay Marriage Allowed!
    And even if it wasn't supported by a majority of states, SHE IS STILL ENTITLED TO HER OPINION.

    Geez, this country is going down the toilet. When it gets there, the people that put it there will all be bitching like a bunch of two year olds. I may end up in jail.