Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Swear to the Demons that Inhabit My Mind

In fact, I'm quite sure....

I was looking at my news.google page yesterday, 27-April, 2009 and an item appeared with the headline "Dept of Homeland Security Chief (Janet Neapoloitian ice cream) Bans Travel to Mexico.

I swear.

And in my own imagination, Here is what I believe happened.

  1. Janet Dahlink, after screwing up the "Veterans Are Terrorists" memo situation, Or just for general cause, decided she would show the United States and her idol Barack the Teleprompter, that she was Mr Big Stuff and come out and declare Mexico travel Banned. Because of the 'Mexican Flu', which they choose to call the Swine Flu. (Every Flu preceding has been named for it's country/location of origin - Asian Flu, Hong Kong Flu, Spanish Flu, etc, but apparently THIS administration feels it can just make shit up about scientific precedence because it doesn't want the natives any more pissed off at Mexico than they already are (and in typical Liberal fashion, it is a useless fucking exercise anyway))
  2. The Teleprompter or one of its programmers found out about this and called its press arm and said, Delete That Story ! Kill It! Purge It From The Interweb caches !!!
  3. Nanoseconds later, called Janet the red, black, and white ice cream, and said, Look honey, this ain't your job. You not in the department of banning travel to places, dig? Go back to sleep, we'll wake you up when we have a teleprompter item for you to read about Homeland Security stuff.
  4. If it wasn't for MY sharp eyes, she might have gotten away with it.
Has there been a more incompetent administration ? Ever ?


  1. Janet's got to go
    Janet's got to GO!
    On her way to Kokomo!
    Janet's Got to Go!