Saturday, April 18, 2009

An open letter to President Felipe Calderon

So, I'm reading this article in the news section and it says "Two of Mexico's priorities -- reviving the U.S. government's ban on assault weapons and opening U.S. roads to Mexican trucks as provided for in the North American Free Trade Agreement -- were left unfulfilled."

I thought Mexican trucks are on US Roadways. I hear American truckers complaining about it all the time.
Ban on assault weapons ? How idiotic is this ? Clinton's ban on assault weapons amounted to eliminating the ability for US manufacturers to sell semi-automatic rifles in the US, and allowed a Chinese version of an assault rifle to be sold in it's place. Plus, these things are available all over the place not just the USA. The idea that if there were not a single semi-automatic rifle in the USA that your people wouldn't have them is laughable.
Just like anyone can buy drugs if they want them, any Mexican drug gang will easily find a supplier of assault rifles or whatever else they need.

Then it goes on to say you want the USA to help Mexico with its drug related crime problem. What ? Your police are corrupt. Your military is corrupt. What is it the USA is supposed to do about that?

Finally, the USA has 12 million of some of your finest citizens and some of your worst living right here in the US, getting free health care, free education, and jobs, where most of the money they make is shipped back to Mexico. And you feel America owes Mexico something ?

You've been drinking too much mescal. You are out of your freakin mind.

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  1. PS - Why is it we hear such absurd comments from the leaders of nations. In this case it if the Democrat party agenda to create the image that America is the problem.

    If you buy that bullshit, you'll be sorry.

    If we make people take care of themselves, they will. Helping winos only enslaves them. No guarantee they'll kick themselves into gear without the money, but there is a guarantee they'll never get any better with the money.