Sunday, April 26, 2009

Interrogation Investigations - More Pictures Coming

What's behind it ?

You've heard it many times, but it is all misdirection. Nothing worthwhile can come of it. On the other hand, people on all sides will die as a result of it. American Soldiers and Combatants and Innocents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Picture the Obama administration on stage in a cheap magicians outfit holding Investigations and Pictures of naked detainees in his left hand. Picture trillions of dollars and absurd Liberal projects behind his back in his right hand. You got it.


  1. "Nothing worthwhile can come of it."

    You're right again.

  2. Thanks JG.

    I saw 'a poll' today that said that 60%+ of Americans are not interested in rehashing any of this and just want to move on. Well, it's something.