Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Pinhead in Iran, Ammasdfsdgsdsdogndsndgndong

Feel free to post your alternate name spelling for that little pinhead over in Iran, President Mackmoodring Arachnid:


  1. And let me get something else off my chest. These talk radio or otherwise voices that float across the media-o-sphere that try to sound above the rest of us by pronouncing IRAQ (eye-rack) as Iraq(Ear-Rock)

    I can take Eye Rack
    I can take Eye Rock
    I can even take Ear Rack
    but I refuse to accept Ear Rock as it is bullshit pseudo-intellectual mumbo jumbo pronunciation from people like Laura Ingram. And it is probably why Laura is no longer on the radio - in Cincinnati at least.

    Ok, back to the name calling.

    How about Pres. Ammafuggenidiot

  2. How about Achmedwackoff? Seems to describe him to a T. Hugo Chappedass?

  3. Hmmm...easier said than clowned....his name anyway.