Thursday, April 16, 2009

Janet Napolitano

Well, I don't think she wrote the report about the 'Right Wing' Terrorists or the Potential Veteran Terrorists but she should have proof read the thing and signed off on it. I wonder if she even did that for her salary.

Anyway, I have the following comments:

"Right Wing" is regarded by everyone still breathing to: Conservatives (Read: Supporters of the Constitution Period), Republicans or non-Democrats, and Those supportive of a strong America and Peace through Strength as some of the top line vibes. To attempt to relabel these people as terrorists is beyond description for a government official working in the current administration.
  1. You got me. I have no idea how to label this other than to say it is the most Un-American thing I can imagine anyone doing and Janet should be fired immediately, along with whoever was involved in writing this piece of Liberal Paranoid Brain Vomit Propaganda.
  2. Did Janet or DHS coordinate with CNN? Because as soon as this thing came out, CNN had their story complete with pictures of NAZI skin head White Supremacists marching down some street with their Nazi flags. How the FUCK do you equate someone supportive of the constitution to being a Nazi Racist Skinhead Mofo terrorist. ? CNN you suck.
  3. Veterans. How in the FUCK can you suggest returning war veterans should be suspect of being potential terrorists ? Tim McVeigh ? Let's see. One guy. And the Libs are More than Happy to say because this guy was Ex-military (as opposed to former) that he should serve as an example of why a military person might become a domestic terrorist. These are the same Libs who fight the idea that the police cannot go into a 100% black neighborhood looking for a black person while attempting to locate and arrest a perp for a drug related murder when in fact, 100% of drug related murders in this neighborhood are black people - because of Racial Profiling. I'd laugh at the Supernova of Hypocrisy but it isn't funny. The same Libs who say you cannot target Middle Eastern Men between the ages of 18 and 34 when looking for potential Terrorits. Fuck Me ! But we got no problem labeling every military man as a potential terrorist becuase of one man among MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of veterans who have returned from wars since the inception of this country. Fuck me. In fact, the Libs don't even call the terrorists - Terrorists. We don't have a war on terror anymore, it is an ambiguous operation or some such bullshit. Can you believe this ? The Terrorists in the Middle East are not to be called terrorists, but returning veterans could easily be Terrorists.
  4. You fail Janet. Miserably. You are in a position that exceeds your talents, whatever those might be. Yor're a good little Democrat though.


  1. Well stated. I wish I could map it out like you do!

  2. Danke Monsieur.

    I use the Dutch 'thank you' because of the Mohammed Cartoons, and the French Monsieur because them suckers picked up 11 of the Somali Voluntary Coast Guard.


    PS - Sacre Bleu !

    JG - I saw so much stuff in the news today, it's gonna take at least a sleep on it before I can begin to break it down.
    - Obama Shaking hands with Chavez and the Cuba deal.
    - Obama releasing all the details of terrorist interrogations.
    Obama demanding that all religious symbols be covered up before he would speak at Georgetown Univ. chapel or church or whatever it was.
    And there's more.

    I want to just forget about this evil sucker, but everyday brings more stuff which so far exceeds yesterday and my own predictions that it is stunning. Truly stunning.