Sunday, April 12, 2009

John, You Piece of Garbage Murtha

Yea, before this goes too far, let's reserve a special place in the latrine for John Ex-marine Murtha. A slime devil willing to trash anyone including American heroes for a coupla bucks.

Johnny passes judgment on a number of Marines in a truly Commie Pinko Fag way and has yet to apologize, even though charges have been dropped on all but one Marine Thus Far. Read All About It.

I can't think of any catchy names for potty mouth Murtha at the moment, so I'll just say: Rot in Hell Johnny.

Update: Moved the language to the comment section.


  1. Since then, Johnny has passed judgment on Western Pennsylvanians as being Stupid Redneck Ignorant Assholes. And you Stupid Ignorant Assholes in Western Pennsylvania vote the cocksucker back into office. How freakin stupid are ya anyway?

    I may have to stop admitting I grew up in western Pennsylvania.