Saturday, April 25, 2009

John King Gives Obama a Mulligan on First 100 Days !!!

Here it is !

In case they delete the thing.... Here are the cliffjump notes at the top of the page:

  • April 29 marks President Obama's 100-day benchmark
  • First 100 days have been ambitious ones for president, King says
  • King: It is the second 100 days that will give a much more comprehensive test
  • King: Many challenges are opportunities for Obama to advance agenda

Read that second bullet "First 100 days Ambitious...".
Unfortunately, Obama is in the EXECUTIVE branch now. Ambitious doesn't mean shit or feed the bulldog. RESULTS are the only things worth more than cow dung when you are the President of the United States.

This means that Obama has accomplished nothing in the first 100 days. Otherwise John King would have said "First 100 Days Very Productive..." And would have LOVED to have done so, but had no supporting dialog to go with it. Though that usually doesn't stop most of the other Liberal media, so I'll give John a few points for being Honest at least.

Then he goes on - "Second 100 days that will give a much more comprehensive test"

Translation: Pay no attention to the First 100 days folks, watch the second hundred. No doubt King is thinking "Gawd, I hope this dumbass can come up with something in the Next hundred." What will they say about it after 200 days. 300 days. 400 days ? I'm looking forward to the pathetic humor at least. The kind Biden gives us every time he opens his clown mouth.

And the fourth bullet ? Mumbo Jumbo; don't even bother with it.

Update: Holy Carp! 100 days, 100 mistakes? From the NY Post??? LINK

Do I have to Re-evaluate the media? I will if I have to !

And that last link I found on Ace of Spades HQ so I mention it.


  1. John King is more and more acting as a right wing bable mouth clearly seen in his soft interview with ex-vp dick and his bashing of president Obama today. shame JK, wish he was true to the values of a real journalist.

    Dsvid N.
    Las Vegas, NV

  2. Thanks for the info.

    Who are the real journalists?