Tuesday, April 14, 2009

John Forbes Kerry, you ignorant limpid gigalo

Dude, could you be more worthless. Your following quotes, while trying to get into the White House, come to mind:
  • I couldn't think for 30-40 minutes after 9-11
  • 9-11 really didn't affect me.
You don't show up for work. You contribute nothing in the way of legislation or solutions, even though you claimed to possess the secret to cold fusion or something when you said "I will virtually eliminate the need for Middle East oil by replacing it with a clean and safe power supply". Well; Where Is It??

Now you want to sit around and Bullshit about a pirate problem the rest of us have known about for years now and can easily determine a reasonable solution. That being - Use violence to eliminate their means to do pirating by destroying their boats at the minimum.

Dude, why don't you just stay home with some viagra and take care of that billionaire wife of yours, who btw could use a visit to a Hair Salon at least a couple times a year. Mrs Kerry