Friday, March 26, 2021

Is There Love in Space?

 All About Nebulas

Click the pics for a short description and usually a much larger image or be required to wear steel wool undies by your democrat governor that ultra-maroons in your state voted in to screw with you constantly.  Like you don't have enough to deal with already.

Medusa Nebula

Butterfly Nebula

California Nebula

Eagle Nebula

Pelican Nebula

Rosette Nebula

With Star Cluster Sauce

Some music to ponder the space bound love options.


  1. Am listening while I type...I do like this guitar....and I love how it does sound a bit "blurry" as if it comes from outerspace..kind of that tinny sound (like I Know what sounds in Outer Space are...but somehow it does!!) Ya, I REALLY like this jazz guitar....more electric. NICE............
    As for as love in outer space, I believe all the astronauts who just went up are men on that trip so they'd havE to be gay :-)
    And I LOVE the California nebula becauSE it looks like our beautiful shoreline is glowing like it's on fire as it hits the sand!

    1. Thanks Z.
      Well, I think there are women on the ISS if not currently, fairly often anyway. I wonder if there is a special reason for that ?

      That really does look like California.

      I like the who tune. I think it covers all the bases of space music. The undistorted tones come in at the right times. Very relaxing tune.

  2. Ah, the Butterfly Nebula. I remember taking Susie there. We spent a few very hot hours in the back of a 57 Chevy. Nice view. But then she caught the Butterfly Syndrome. One night after work at DQ, I went to her apartment and found that she had company. Company A, Company B, and Headquarters Company. Thanks for helping rekindle great memories from the long past.

    1. I once dated a girl that worked at the Dairy Queen Mustang. I knew we had Something in common. I feel all warm inside now. Like all is right with the world...

  3. We hear the rantings from the left daily about systemic racism, but the truth cannot be hidden. Joe Biden is a representative of the real purveyors of systemic racism in America, the Democrat Party. Their delusional hypocrisy is utterly disconcerting, abjectly disturbing. This short video gives evidence, using Biden’s own words, of the depth of the disdain they have for the Black community. And shame upon Kamala Harris to embrace the politics of personal opportunism to further betray those with whom she claims unity as being “Black.” Never forget, the Republican Party of Texas was founded on July 4th, 1867 by 150 courageous Black men. At the same time the Democrats were creating the Ku Klux Klan.

  4. In regards to the GOP being racist, a Navy chief pointed out the following:

    1) It was the Democratic Party that supported slavery and the Confederacy.

    Lincoln was a Republican and it was Lincoln who freed the slaves. During the Lincoln-Douglas debates it was Lincoln who called for the end of slavery and it was Douglas who wanted it to continue.

    2) The KKK was founded as a militant arm of the Democratic Party.

    3) The 14th Amendment was pushed through over the objections of the Democratic Party.

    4) The Civil Rights Act was pushed through Congress by the Republican Party. The Democrats tried to filibuster it. The filibuster was lead by Robert Byrd and Al Gore, Sr.
    Would you like me to continue ?

    1. Mustang, I'm sure terre is a lot more to the story of democrats and their abuse of blacks, and it continues unabated today, even with all the laws in place.

  5. Any objective person with even a Half of a Brain watching the staged presser, listening to that Numb Skull Biden numerous flubs and paying attention to the policy proposals thus far would be able to determine that Joe will destroy our country. When Harris takes over it only gets worse, not because she has dementia, but because she is far more left-wing Socialist.

    1. Suzanne, IMO the individuals don't matter and don't control anything. It's all about who is controlling the DNC. China? Globalists? Big money, lots of power. That's what America is up against. It started in earnest around 1960 and has only gotten worse. Don't matter who the sock puppets are.

  6. "Is there love in space?"

    So THAT's where Jerry went! He's not answering his phone, either.

    1. That's right Mustang. Heck even when he's in his 'man' igloo in the backyard you have to get through his wife who screens all calls that might be from a State Farm agent.

    2. Mustang..THAT is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Actually, compared Donald Trump to the racist old white stuttering fuck of a pedophile in the White House now, the one who took money from Russia and China, the one whose crackhead son fucked his dead brother's underage daughter.....Donald Trump was a great President.


  8. Actually,Biden is doing exactly what he intended to do, and since the majority of the press is liberal, I am sure they are more thank Happy to comply with Kamala Harris’ mandate banning them from seeing the border crisis. For Americans to see the crisis would only confirm how full of crap Democrats are and how they managed to mess up the border after beating up Trump over it for four years.
    And the Looney Liberal Media will no report it.

    1. Biden and Harris are nothing more than sock puppets for whoever controls the DNC.

    2. We don't mention the 's' creature here Q.

  9. So the latest imbecilic news from Uncle Joe’s White House is that he is going to start treating your VACCINE Card as if it was a Passport. Meaning You will not be able to goto, or enter certain places without your “VACCINE-PASSPORT”.

    I cannot believe the times we are living in, this is kind of like Nazi Germany! Personally I think this will be challenged in court some places, and companies, such as the Airlines will lose big time.
    The time to start fighting back against this Moron in the White House has PAST long ago. .

  10. The Washington Post Fact Checker knocked President Biden on Tuesday for falsely claiming a new Georgia law , among other false information giving him its harshest rating of FOUR PINOCCHIOS for spreading the misinformation.

    1. WashPo huh? Suggests they're working on getting Joey into retirement.

  11. Great music and great photos. Nice one.

    Insanity's a satanic hallmark. DC obviously needs an exorcism, and I'm not joking.

  12. Thanks LSP.

    I believe DC is very satanic. I'm not joking either.

  13. At least if Harris moves into the WH it will be filled with lots of giggles...I'll take that over the muttering old fool.

    1. Bunk, yea I was hoping Joey would be giving lots of impromptu and ad-lib pressCons. That at least would be funny.

    2. P Chick, the bidens? Sock puppets.

  14. It Seems That The he “WHITE SUPREMACIST” that BRUTALLY, SAVAGELY, and VIOLENT, repeatedly kicked a 65-YEAR-OLD ASIAN WOMAN was in attack caught on camera, just happened to be a Black Man.

    1. AZ, So you're suggesting black people are capable of committing crimes? Hmm.

    2. Not racial hate crimes..holy cow

    3. Especially not That TS !

  15. The verdict is in and Joe Biden’s first press conference was a colossal catastrophe.
    To be honest, after stealing the 2020 election, there wasn’t much that Biden could have done or said to appease the 80 million Americans who he stole the election from. But then again he didn’t want to.
    Biden actually read off a pre-written list as he called on various PRE-Selected reporters, and he already had pre-written answers they he has 2-3 weeks to have one of his ADVISERS -pre written for him. during his first formal press conference in office
    As we noted already, Biden lied throughout the presser and laughed and mocked President Trump. This didn’t work for Obama who won the 2008 election, it sure wasn’t going to work for Biden who stole the 2020 election from the man he mocked:.
    And by the way, FOX News’s reporter Peter Doocy was NOT called on by Biden , and neither were ANY FOX, or NEWSMAX REPORTERS who would have given him questions that would have been much more relevant, then the Soft-Ball question he was given.

    So, Lets set the record straight:
    First of all, Joe Biden stole the election from President Trump. President Trump set a record and Biden’s gang of crooks had to steal a record to claim the White House. Biden knows it and the world knows it.?
    2. Joe Biden is unable to function on his own. He has the physical and mental abilities of a person late in life lacking the strength and wits to handle this job on his own.
    3. The social media, and the socialist media, the Democrats, and the whole administration, Department of Justice, etc. knows that Joe Biden stole the election are all fine with it. It’s all about power.?
    4. The media is a joke. They asked NO unapproved questions. They had no follow-up questions and they were happy to be Lap Dogs and praise Biden for being able to stand up for 45 minutes.
    Biden was rambling at times, but all and all, I thing that Joe did a better job than I expected, for Mr. Potato Head, it was fair. FAR from outstanding, but adequate.
    As for the future, I see a very, very dark ending for the Biden-Harris Regime and the Democrat Marxist Socialist, and the rest of the Democrat Party. Because that was probably his first and last press conference because they’ll never let him out in public like that again

    1. What's Mr, Potato Head Joe's favorite drug?

      Adderall, you lying dog-faced pony solider!

  16. As each day passes we are learning of the suicidal immigration policies inflicted upon the United States and her citizens. For example see: Biden administration 'importing' coronavirus into Texas by not securing border: Gov. Abbott

    March 19

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, R., told "America's Newsroom" Friday that the Biden administration is effectively "importing" coronavirus into the United States by not adequately securing the southern border.

    GOV. GREG ABBOTT: I made a direct plea to the Biden administration a couple of days ago for Texas and our professionals in this state that deal with human trafficking all the time to have access to these minors who have come across the border to learn more about how they were trafficked here, and then we received word yesterday from the Biden administration that they would allow no such thing because they want to continue the cover-up ...

    Also see: Millions of illegal immigrants set to get $4.38 billion in Biden COVID cash

    Despite Democratic claims that illegals do not have a Social Security number required to get a share of President Biden’s $1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus package, several federal programs provide them to 2.65 million aliens, according to data cited by Camarota.
    Based on income data, likely only 2.1 million aliens and their 1.1 million U.S. born children meet the income limits in the package, said Camarota. “In total, illegal immigrants could receive an estimated $4.38 billion in stimulus checks from the new COVID relief bill – $2.85 billion directly, and another $1.53 billion on behalf of their children,” said the analysis shared with Secrets

    And, what about this: Biden is spending $86 million on hotel rooms for migrants as his administration struggles to handle the surge of families and kids trying to come to the US
    March 20, 2021
    “The latest decision to secure hotel rooms comes as the US is seeing the biggest surge of migrants at the border in decades, pacing towards a potential 2 million migrants at the US-Mexico border this year, The Washington Post reported. The surge is putting a heavy strain on government resources and border towns.”

    And let us not forget how the children of illegal entrant's are overburdening our public school systems and the children of American taxpaying citizens are paying the price. See: US schools — and students — will pay a price for Biden’s open borders for minors

    March 16, 2021

    Their education will cost thousands of dollars a year more than for the average student because they’ll need linguistic experts, tutors, psychological counseling, vaccinations and other support.

  17. They’ll also consume most of a classroom teacher’s attention, leaving the rest of the class to make do with less.

    Even so, only 66 percent of students without English skills ever graduate.

    They will struggle, BUT SO WILL OUR OWN KIDS. This migration wave is hitting schools just as they’re reopening after the pandemic. Lets NOT forget that OUR kid’s have missed an entire year of school work, and other activities.
    And let us not forget the cost to American Citizens for the healthcare needs of illegal entrants. See: New NY health care law might spend over $500M on illegal immigrants.
    Also, did you see the video of these Invaders actually throwing 3- and 5 year olds over the wall tso that they can enter the USA, and the Cartel could get paid for delivering the kids!
    I don't think Biden is even aware or Smart Enough to realize what a disastrous CRISIS he has created on the border. The people who authored this insane policy, Pelosi, AOC, Bernie and Pocahontas, never anticipated this CRISIS, stupid ass’s that they are.
    They tell us about how dangerous the COVID is, and that we MUST follow the rules about Social Distance, and Mask wearing and they allow these Migrants into the States without following these rules, makes you wonder was this all a Communist/Socialist hoax that wasn’t as dangerous as they made it out to be?
    Millions got it and never even knew they had it.....99% of all who get it survived....and a mere .02% of the US population currently has it and it killed a mere .0015% of US citizens. What is the point they are trying to make?
    I doubt if Biden even knows what day of the week it is. But his socialist handlers do know, and I suspect they also know exactly what they are doing.

    There is no better way to weaken, destroy and bring to its knees a prosperous and freedom loving country than by flooding it with the poverty stricken from BANKRUPTING the country with all of their give-always, , allowing these poorly educated, low skilled, disease carrying Illegals into the country, disabled and criminal populations from 3rd world countries.

  18. Ah sure, Hunter Biden’s laptop that was found was a set-up, by RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA & stuff like that. The laptop would never belong to a Biden, especially Hunter, he has such “great” character.

    When is the left right about anything? Sure even their ideologies are jacked up, but facts and history are their biggest obstacles. I wonder how come they don't wise up to it? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

    1. They don't care P Chick. Biden could kill a 12 yr old girl on Natl TV and they'd only be worried about 'the fallout' and start 'damage control'. Pure evil they are.

  19. Black Lives Matter owes the entire world reparations...BLM is an organization that's grown fabulously wealthy off fake media victimhood narratives that turn out to be 100% fallacious whenever they fall under the scrutiny of forensic scientific analysis

    BLM has a basic tactic that pays off very very well, They seize upon an incident and before the facts come out they spin a fake narrative with nothing more than extreme drama and accusations of racism as its primary core designed to sucker Chumps out of millions of dollars of crowdfunding cash

    Of course a casualty of inciting and enraging people for-profit is violence

    I believe BLM owes reparations to the municipalities, business owners and citizens that were negatively affected by the criminal rioting that resulted from the false media for-profit narratives perpetrated by BLM

  20. Don’t believe that Obama is really the President?? Well think about this.. Biden in constant contact with Obama, Biden opening the borders like Obama did. Biden has returned Kiddie Cages, like Obama did. Biden is pushing Obamacare like Obama did. Biden is going to return to Obama’s lousy treaty with Iran, and by doing do Biden walking ring into the same war- trap , that Obama did. So what more evidence that Biden is Obama’s 3rd term?

    1. I think it's worse than that Q. Biden + obama + China + the Globalists

      They will be sticking a big straw into America.

  21. To transform a country you must first destroy it. You must beat it into submission. You must rape it of it's resources.

    This is what Obama wanted to do , but couldn’t succeed. and is now trying again thru Bo.

    1. Louise, IMO the democrats have been working on that for decades.

  22. To transform a country you must first destroy it. You must beat it into submission. You must rape it of it's resources.

    This is what Obama wanted to do , but couldn’t succeed. and is now trying again thru Biden


  23. I never thought that I would see the day when a patriotic American institution like Major League Baseball would turn toward partisan politics, let alone un-American politics promoting racism, Marxism, and yes, even Communism…

    1. Bix, Yea, when you find yourself thinking let alone actually saying WTF a few times a day, something is very screwed up. Not that I care about pro-sports but still.


  24. Biden named Harris in a 'press conference' to be THE woMAN in charge of solving HIS Border disaster. Since then Harris has realized, whether on purpose or not, publicly, politically set her up to FAIL by doing so.

    Harris may be a radical Leftist Socialist extremist who slept her way into politics and to where she is now, but she isn't stupid. She knows the borders is a lost cause...and she wants nopart of being the one left 'holding the bag', being blamed for this disaster not being solved.

    So she has 'clarified' her role is to Make phone calls and work directly with the Southern Triangle country leaders as the Biden administration re-instates the failed Obama policy of giving these leaders Billions of dollars to improve their country to entice their people to stay. (They only pocket the cash and are glad to be rid of so many poor citizens.)

    That's it.
    She's not going to the border.
    She is not going to see the disaster Biden has caused.
    She is not going to tour the inhumane Biden Kiddie Cages. She knows that those cages were the Cages that Obama used, And she is not going to take over HIS MESS.
    She's not going to meet and talk with the Border Agents.
    She will continue to laugh, and Cackle at the media's questions.
    She will continue to compare ICE to the KKK.
    She will continue to call / work for the decriminalization of illegal immigration.

    She has flatly Out and Out rejected Biden's call for her to solve the mess that HE got us into.

    1. Well, dems never solve anything. All they do is talk and steal money. And fubar everything they do touch.

  25. Wake up America, enough is enough. It’s time for us to stand up to the delusional people, the Socialist crowd, and the sick Progressives who want to destroy this country, and turn it into the Shit-Hole that we are already seeing in San Francisco, Portland, Chicago and other American Cities that have gone down the Leftist Tubes.
    It hight time that you ALL realize that Joe Biden lied to you when he said he was a moderate. Firstly he is a member of the “Walking Dead” and secondly he is not a moderate by any means. You would have been better with that filthy communist Bernie Sanders. At least he is not someone other than who he really is.

    It is a sad day in America when a major political party knowingly nominates and promotes a mentally impaired individual to the United States Presidency. Even sadder still when some behind-the-scene advisor shoves a note in front of a cogitatively disabled senior citizen, and he mouths words he may not know to be untrue. But the greatest sadness of all comes from the mainstream media that knowingly, and constantly repeats those lies to the American people like they did when hey held back the entire news about Hunter Biden’s Laptop . And ALL the other news, and events about that Crack-Head, and his Father Mr. “Big Guy”.

    And how about the Main Stream Leftist Media? They would be comical, if what they are doing if it wasn’t true! But it’s surely pathetic, to see these Socialist liberals pretending that they suddenly care, and “Give a Damn” about our people in uniform, especially our Brave Men and Women in Blue! Because a handful of Trump protestors and even more Antifa thugs dressed as Trump supporters assaulted 1- or 2 police officers during the January 6 riot at the Capitol building. Where Was the Liberal Concern for "Our Men in Uniform" when leftist rioters assaulted DOZENS OF POLICE OFFICERS, and even Killed a Police Officer, and Killed a Retired Police Officer while he was guarding a friends store so that those IDIOTIC “PROTESTERS” didn’t destroy his friends store and it’s contents! So they KILLED him instead! Where were all those Bleeding Heart Liberals when they Seriously Injured Dozens of Police Officers, Burned Police Cars, and Trashed a Police Building During the George Floyd Riots Last Summer? And those Democratic Mayors, and Governors told the Police to “STAND DOWN” Stand Down while they were pelted with Bricks, and other harmful Crap!

    Liberals, Why Were You Silent when your anti-American leftist buddies were Killing Cops, Wounding Cops, Burning Cop Cars, and Trashing a Police Building Last Summer? How about the 19 Other People Who Were Killed by Your Rioting Leftist Buddies During the Riots? "Acceptable Casualties for Social Justice"?.
    Are we supposed to suddenly believe that you Care about the Cops? After you voted to DE-FUND the Police?
    Now, you are the same people that are demanding that there should have been more police at the Capitol Building and every other place that any Violence occurs.
    It’s really ironic. Would you want Social Workers on the front lines to stop this Violence? Or perhaps Miss Alexandria Ocasio Cortez will come to your defense? Or maybe we could “DISMANTLE” the Police force entirely, and have Black Live Matter protect you?
    What the Hell, New York’s Mayor Bill di Blasio allow them to paint “Black Live Matter” in Large Yellow Lettering right on NY’s Fifth Avenue and he even took part in it. Only because of his Hatred towards Donald Trump!

  26. Samantha’s WorldApril 5, 2021 at 9:27 AM

    On November 1st, 2020, Trump supporters held a car rally for the president, when they were attacked by domestic terrorists in Richmond, Virginia. They attacked their vehicles with rocks and various objects.
    Unlike other riots, a leftist was actually convicted of charges related to the attack. Demorrise Wyatt- a “BLM leader” was found guilty of throwing a bottle containing a molotov cocktail at a car in the parade.
    Even though he was convicted of a misdemeanor, it could end up costing him time in prison since he is on a variety of probations from prior crimes of which there are many

  27. SKY News Host Alan Jones went off on Joe Biden and his handlers again this week in his commentary, saying that : The Leader of the Free World Is Incoherent, Having to be Propped Up Physically and Intellectually”

    SKY News Host Rips Joe Biden on his Latest Gaffes and Falls!
    “President Biden Is Officially Crumbling”
    Alan Jones: said.. “The Leader of the Free World is incoherent, having to be propped up physically and intellectually… After the stumble, the websites of MSNBC, CBS News, the Washington Post, Lost Angeles Times and the New York Times all had no mention of Biden’s stumbling incident,” Mr Jones said. “To prove the Trump point, when it came to airtime on television, CNN devoted 15 seconds to the incident”.

    “But when Trump walked slowly down a ramp after he delivered a graduation address last June, CNN devoted 22 minutes to Trump’s walk, the media pushing the line that Trump was facing serious health question.”

    Yep, The whole party looks very weak, with Pelosi mentally declining, and dreaming about her Gourmet Ice Cream, and Schumer, the Senate leader who talks like a Gangster.

    The Democrats lie about everything. They cheat and even steal elections. This country will not survive them . They are absolutely the biggest threat this country has ever seen
    What a mess this is..

  28. If you are a Patriotic Baseball fan then don’t forget that Number one, ALL lives matter; and Number two, black lives matter is a communist front organization founded by trained Marxist community organizers. Demand an audit of the organization to see where the large corporate donations have gone

  29. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden’s Ex Claims He Began Affair with Dead Brother’s Wife Hallie Before His Brother Beau Died

  30. The two teenagers that murdered the Uber driver gets plea deal, and will be out by age 21.
    This is disgusting, our justice system is a joke. These disgusting Brasts will do less than five years.
    The so called "Children" in this country literally get away with murder.

    That is why so many "children" are completely out of control.

    1. There is no justice system Frankie. Crap shoot. Flip a damn coin, add some 'social justice' nonsense and political activism and smile smile smile. And don't forget about Democratic Immunity.


  31. Everything that the Democrats believed is falling apart for Democrats. They are hiding behind piles of razor wire and 30,000 troops they don’t trust, and Biden and Harris are visiting bakeries while avoiding inner cities in turmoil and at the border, where all the CHAOS is going on.

    The Democrats who told them that Trump “colluded with Russia” — are now telling them that the election wasn’t stolen.

    The Democrats who told them Trump said neo-Nazis were “fine people” — are telling them the election wasn’t stolen.

    The same Democrats who told them Trump advised to “drink bleach” — are telling them there isn’t any CRISIS at the Border.
    What we need is to have this Moron in the White House, and his Vice President, throw OUT of office.