Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Special Report !

The following special report comes via Action News - Anytown USA 

Looking at the internet, you'd think men were mindless slobs.  Let's take a peek at what gets them excited.

Bacon !!!!  Yaa!


Guns !!!!! Oh Yea !


Belt fed machine guns !!!   Yumpin Yimini !


Partially clothed Woman !!!!! Oooga Oooga Oooga !


Naked Woman !  Oh My !!! Moans and groans !!


Partially clothed Woman in Cowboy Hat !!!  Oooga Oooga Oooga Oooga!!!!


Naked Woman in Cowboy Hat and Boots !!!   Oooga Oooga Oooga Oooga Oooga Oooga !!!!


Naked Woman in Cowboy Hat and Boots holding Gun !!!   Oooga Oooga Gurgle Gurgle Gurgle Oooga Oooga Oooga !!!!


Naked woman in Cowboy Hat with Boots holding Gun eating Bacon !!! Get A Grip !!! OOOOoooooooooGaaaaaa !


Naked Woman in Cowboy Hat with Boots Holding Gun COVERED in Bacon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  All men pass out, call 911.

In other news:

Joe Biden signs executive order declaring all military PT (physical training)  sessions to be performed while watching Richard Simmons exercise tapes.  Richard Simmons totally freaks the heck Out while congress loads up on Richard Simmons exercise tape company stock.

Scientists say that sending money to democrat political campaigns will drastically reduce the effects of climate change.

AOC proposes alternate plan of removing all CO2 from the atmosphere.  When advised that this will cause all plantlife to die and destroy the food chain along with all life on Earth, she simply responds "These things take care of themselves. Stop getting in the way of saving the planet !".

The Markets:  7 traders with differing opinions on stocks and the market get into heated argument on floor of New York Stock Exchange, pull handguns and blow each other to smithereens.  NYSE intern says someone should go get some more traders.

Joe Biden signs executive order declaring all senior commanding positions in military to be filled by pregnant women only.  Transgender men/women furious - promise lawsuits.

Joe Biden removes all migrant children from cages, declares them cage free migrants and sends them to Hollywood to fill spiraling pedophile demand for more children.  

CNN so enamored with Joe Biden's constant failed attempts at reading teleprompters says "Joe's mind works at warp speed and Trump era teleprompters just can't keep up".  Suggest replacing current teleprompters with state of the art models from China or Russia.

Pepe Le Pew lawyers claim Entrapment when asked about his somewhat forceful advances toward female pussycats who were always wagging their tails in his face.

Project Veritas to air mind blowing expose on ...
And I'm afraid we are out of time.


  1. We at least now know what our friend Kid watches on the television … and I’m not making any judgments about that because I still owe him $50.00 on a bet that I didn’t know he was serious about.

    I absolutely believe AOC may have said that we can get rid of air; she forgets that if we actually did do that, then she would have absolutely nothing left inside her head. Implosion would be okay, I guess.

    Kid also makes a very good point about dead traders and employment demand for replacements. Sounds like a healthy way to ensure a continuation of employment demand. Now if only we could get members of congress mad enough at each other …

    I don’t have anything to say about Joe. He gives me gas.

    I agree with Monsieur Le Pew’s lawyers. Those cats were just asking for it. Also, add Cartoon Network to Kid’s TV fare.

    1. Hahaha.

      Well, that's 50.47 now with interest Monsieur.

      Somebody get Congress loaded up with Firearms !

      Darn right Mustang. I've had similar experiences with those darn cats ! Fickle they are.

      I can barely imagine what has escaped out of AOC's mouth....

  2. "CAGE FREE"....BURSTING into laughter here!~
    HAHAHA! "Scientists say that sending money to democrat political campaigns will drastically reduce the effects of climate change."
    Yumpin Yimini !

    Wondering if you saw the report last night on how the Pentagon's making female clothing pregnancy clothing for fliers in the Air FOrce!?? It made me want to throw up it's SO STUPID. LIke whoever on FOX said about it "Wonderful to know a heavily pregnant woman's got your back in war"....oh, brother!
    KID, this is HILARIOUS......thanks for great laughs again!!!

    1. HAHA Thank you Z !

      I saw a blurb picture with a pregnant woman in flight wear of some sort. These people are OUT of control.

      Glad you enjoy of course. Wouldn't it be cool if Biden actually said cage free migrants ? hahaa

  3. danngit! another cliffhanger... more Skunksplaining please!

    1. There always has to be a cliffhanger Mr Blade. Why? Because..

  4. The SAME people who refuse to get into the same elevator with me because I am not in their family, and those people who give me back-talk, and dirty looks in the Supermarket, and in CVS because I’m not exactly 6 feet away form them are the same IDIOTS who are ALL FOR allowing these thousands of ILLEGAL invaders that are Storming our borders enter the country even though they have been tested POSITIVE, or NOT tested at all, into the country and get on those Buses to infest us with their disease , and only God kn ows what else.
    And we put Razor Wire Fences Around the Capitol, and employ 25,000 National Guardsmen to protect us from those Big Bad Rightwingers!

    And after ALL this STUPIDITY with Culture Cancelling, And Racist, this, and Racist that, What is there left to say about the weirdness this country has become?
    My Deepest Sympathies to all of you who are living in radical Democratic lock-down masked-up States. If we have lost our freedoms, I can't even begin to imagine how I would even live in a appalling, awful, disgusting, evil, repulsive, Socialist State!

  5. It's become a huge nightmare, sick and tired of the mask nazis, cancel culture and of course the onslaught of illegals crossing our borders.

    We are becoming Communist America and not a darn thing we can do about it.

    1. Seems that way T4E. Worse is the number of people who are enjoying it.

  6. It's been 4 days now. What about Project Veritas????

    1. FBI has those guys. I got Elmer Fudd working it. Stay tuned.