Friday, March 5, 2021

More New News !

See if you can guess which stories are real !

Video of Bill Gates being hauled out of Star Trek themed billionaires meeting wailing about how everyone should just die.

CNBC - Comfort Women Resort stocked with Democrat women reporting massive losses in recent quarter.  Resort actually having to pay the blind visitors.

Military creates "Adopt a Homo or Tranny" program to make new recruits feel accepted and more at home.  Senior members who participate are encouraged to engage in dress up activities with their adoptee and try to find them dates when they're AWOL.

Chimpanzees show up for girls rock climbing competition, all chanting Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! Cheep! Google translates this to mean they all identify as human females and so are allowed to complete.   With 100 Chimps competing,  Chimps take 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, .... 100th place.  Girls left crying and humiliated.

Boy Scouts announce new merit badge  "Celebrity Hookup", with extra credit for same sex and/or multiple partners.

New Olympic events -  Traffic Cone placement,  Panera Sandwich Build,  Identify That Tattoo.

Democrat voters disgusted that both Senate election primary contenders are good looking non-homosexuals, suspect Tomfoolery.

CNN and other media confused why Jill Biden not being touted as most beautiful fashion queen of the world by media as yet.  Don Lemon said he'd do her if he was straight.  Chris Cuomo remarks how he was stunned almost to unconsciousness when he saw her in that inauguration dress.

Yea, why aren't they parading her butt around on magazine covers and such?


  1. You have such a talent for this stuff....anything that makes me smile these days is much appreciated! Terrific, Kid!!

  2. Good stuff, Kid ... as always.

    I have no empirical data to support this theory, but then John Holdren never had any data support his contentions, either … but my bet is that the reason why we suddenly have so many faggots and trannies is that Democrat women are too fugly to mate with.

    A question, please … is Jill Biden a tranny?

    What is the point of removing toxic materials from baby food? They’re only going to addict children to Ritalin a few years later anyway — so that our kids will grow up to be foggy-brained Delawareans.

    There are, of course, sexually confused morons in the services — mostly the Air & Space Force, but there’s a few in the Navy, too — they were all scouting for boys at one time. I’d sooner adopt a Tyrannosaurus Rex from the local pet store.

    Um … I think you said an oxymoron. Democrat and dignity are contradictory terms.

    Okay, let's get down to it ... I think the Girl/Chimpanzee rock climbing competition is real.

    1. Thanks Mustang !

      Your theory about democrat women is a solid one Imo.

      Well, lets let them be kids for 3 or 4 years before their parents immerse them in politics and social justice nonsense.

      There is going to be a lot more of those folks in the services. Probably the Marine will be the last holdout as rumors of blanket parties make the rounds near enlistment centers..

      I do not see the word dignity in this post my friend. If it's in one of the articles, not my multi-colored unicorn sir.

      I'd love to see that rock climbing thing. Hopefully they will stick it in the Olympics and there is one event I can watch without hearing phrases like Triple Sow Cow uttered by effeminate males....

  3. Biden was not "elected" as a legal president....he was "selected". He is sitting in the White House and his "people" are calling him president but his not performing the usual expected duties. No press conferences of the less competent press persons ever to take questions is incapable of giving a coherent answer and now sending his flunkies to the border to analyze the situation there. He is more like an "acting president" except he is not acting. This certainly is not what we need in these trying times. How can we survive as a nation if this is allowed to continue? God help us !!!!!

  4. Adopt a homo/tranny? Well that's true. Perhaps the enemy'll die laughing.

    1. I think they're already splitting their sides LSP.

  5. No one believes Sars-Cov-2 came from nature. It was manufactured using gain-of-function gene splicing in a lab and released to sabotage America’s 2021 presidential election as a biological weapon to save the New world Order.

    No one with even a half a brain believes that the Coronavirus came from a mistake in a Lab. . It was manufactured using gene splicing in a lab and released to sabotage America’s 2021 presidential election as a biological weapon to save the New world Order.

    The weakest in US society, the elderly and young schoolchildren, are, the easier it will be for the Chinese to over take us.

    1. Agree. Knew it within a week of it showing up. Dems and China conspire to get Trump out.
      Covid = mail in ballots = massive vote fraud. I don't even think they even made ballots to account for the Biden votes, I believe they just made numbers up in some cases.

  6. Pepe was/is a serial rapist, to be fair.

    1. By today's standards of believing anything a female says LSP "Oui Oui Monsieur! Sacre Bleu!+"